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RE: Suggestions - aceres - 08-07-2015

(08-07-2015, 11:01 AM)Dazz Wrote: We'd likely still keep the renders that are there now and simply have a feature to click to load the viewer in. The main reason for this being lack of support for flash, such as on mobile devices, and to reduce download sizes.

Yes. Keeping renders for mobiles or when Flash is inactive is logical and it makes my job easier as well because I don't have to bother with loading the render into the Flash. It's easy but still extra coding. You could have a button near the render to load 3D viewer and one advantage of this is it lets you get the archive that is already downloaded (unless it locks up or something) so it's about the same bandwidth spent.

If I manage to get this in a decent condition I will share the codes and maybe someone can turn it into HTML5.

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 08-07-2015

Testing it out on my desktop environment, not implemented into the site, it seems to work incredibly well. about 80% of the models I threw at it rendered without a hitch, 10% rendered with minor issues (some of which are expected), and 10% just didn't display anything. I'd put these error models as being actual issues with the model files themselves rather than with your code here. Issues like there not being a .mtl file for a .obj model, etc. etc.

Colour me very impressed. The logical way of doing this is to, as you said, have a button to load the 3D viewer. We could simply overlay a semi-transparent button on the larger icons that the site creates out of the large renders, which when clicked replaces the icon with the code for the viewer. Either that or we have it open in a new window, depending on what our options are.

Extra controls would be helpful, such as the ability to pan. But honestly, this is above and beyond what I would have expected!

RE: Suggestions - aceres - 08-07-2015

(08-07-2015, 11:17 AM)Dazz Wrote: Extra controls would be helpful, such as the ability to pan.

I'm centering models and their pivot points. I thought panning wouldn't be necessary this way but I can add it. A button to default the camera position can also be added. You could also customise the buttons but combo box might be harder to customise. For buttons, you can just send me a png with over and out state images of a button.

RE: Suggestions - Peardian - 08-09-2015

Whoa, neat! I knew Flash had 3D support, but for some reason I never considered using it in this manner.

I hope this teaches people the importance of proper MTL files!

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 08-11-2015

So me and Pete have a version of this running on the site that only the two of us can see - it works absolutely fine, but there are a fair few models that it does not support. I think we may need to set this up with an additional field on the database of "does it work in the web based 3D render" - if it doesn't, we disable the ability to view it with it.

We could likely then work out a means of listing all those that don't work, so that we can at some point presumably fix them. Not a huge "we gotta do this" thing, but it'd be nice.

But we won't be making this live until somebody comes up with an HTML5 alternative. Simply put, Petie isn't happy with the idea of having flash on the site. I'm inclined to agree, though we both have said that it is shockingly awesome the progress and effort you have put in aceres. Honestly, hugely commendable.

If anyone knows anyone that might be able to convert this to HTML5, please show them here!! Smile

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 08-11-2015

Is the source code available? Just an idea, but Haxe can compile to HTML5, and its syntax is based off of ActionScript 3.0, the language used for Flash applications (which I'm also fluent in). Unfortunately OpenFL (a framework based on the Flash API which is most often used for visual stuff) doesn't support 3D stuff, but it might be possible to do something like this using BabylonHx.

This is just an idea though. I've never touched Haxe's HTML5 target nor have I used BabylonHx, and I'm not super-experienced with models in general. If there is source code that I can look at I might give it a shot and play around if I have free time, but I'm definitely not promising anything and if anybody else offers then they'd probably be more reliable than me.

RE: Suggestions - aceres - 08-11-2015

This should be all the source.

FLA is CS6 file, it has some component elements. code has some commented lines for testing some stuff. org folder contains zip handling classes and there's Away3D swc which can be found as separate AS files on their site if needed.

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 08-11-2015

Pete and I actually discussed the possibility of also creating a similar functioning thing for sounds-resource - if it's possible to handle 3D items now and go through zips, playing audio files with a more limited volume of formats should be way easier, right?

RE: Suggestions - aceres - 08-11-2015 According to this HTML5 supports MP3, Wav and Ogg. Others like Midi will probably require specific classes.

Also another one can be made for sprites/textures resource since some are zipped.

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 08-11-2015

MIDI files aren't accepted formats (only MP3, OGG and WAV) so that shouldn't even be an issue.

Making something like this for tSoR would definitely be much easier, I'll probably endeavour to do that before the tMR program. MP3 and WAV shouldn't be an issue, OGG might be a bit bumpy but I'm pretty sure that's doable as well. Again, no promises but just putting this out there.

RE: Suggestions - Ton - 08-11-2015

They beat us to the punch. O_O

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 08-11-2015

SDB has had that feature for a fair while.

RE: Suggestions - Ton - 08-11-2015

I'd still like to tore my hat in when we get around to that. I want to label things way more in-depth than just series.

PS- happy anniversary. Cute

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 08-11-2015

Yeah, they've had it for a while but it hasn't really been filled out any more than that. We will definitely be implementing tags at some point but it's going to be an enormous undertaking (actually getting things properly tagged) which is why we're currently waiting until all of our other enormous undertakings are undertaken.

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 08-18-2015

Is it possible to somehow mark PMs as unread? I imagine this is probably a MyBB thing that you can't directly change, but I thought I'd ask just in case.