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RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-01-2014

That's what it already does, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure I follow what you're asking for. Regardless though, as I mentioned above, I can't really change core forum features.

RE: Suggestions - Virt - 12-01-2014

I guess you can't. Just to clarify, though, currently, clicking on a thread title, such as the one here:
[Image: bduuNwz.png]
...takes you to the last post in the thread. My suggestion was to add a button to take you to the last unread post.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-01-2014

Ah, as in the last post you, personally, haven't read instead of simply the last post. I get it now but, unfortunately, that won't be possible.

RE: Suggestions - Garamonde - 12-02-2014

Yes it is possible:

Enter the forum that contains the thread you want to read (in this case, Project Organization).

[Image: 5c961637b2.png]

Alternatively, go to View New Posts/View Today's Posts in the upper right of the forum page (I prefer this, more efficient):

[Image: 91d74fcea4.png]

Regardless, you'll see a green arrow next to the thread title:

[Image: 5bcdac2650.png]

Click that, and voila, you'll be taken directly to the first unread post~

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 12-02-2014

He actually said already that he knew it was possible... he just wanted that ability from the main page.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-02-2014

(12-02-2014, 04:47 PM)Vipershark Wrote: He actually said already that he knew it was possible... he just wanted that ability from the main page.

This, and unfortunately it can't be done on the main forum list. Though MJ, your post is still definitely helpful for members who don't know either of the two methods you mentioned.

RE: Suggestions - Garamonde - 12-02-2014

(12-02-2014, 04:47 PM)Vipershark Wrote: He actually said already that he knew it was possible... he just wanted that ability from the main page.

I'm pretty sure he didn't state that he knew unless I missed it somewhere. I know what he was asking for too, but that's the closest thing, still really easy to do and I don't think it's worth an extra button personally... Well whatever.

RE: Suggestions - Virt - 12-02-2014

Yeah, I already use the green arrow on the thread titles. It just seemed that it would be more convenient to be able to do it from the main page. It can't be done either way, so oh well.

RE: Suggestions - ~Axis~ - 12-04-2014

I think it would be good to direct users to the actual posts of members when searching for it on the mobile site. Right now it just takes you to the first page of the thread which the member posted in. Example: I searched where I posted today and clicked on the link to the post I made in the love thread and it took me to the first page of the thread instead of my post.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-04-2014

The current mobile skin is a plugin that hasn't been updated for MyBB 1.8 yet. There are a ton of issues and we're very unhappy with it but it's the only one that even remotely works so we'll unfortunately just have to deal with these problems until they're fixed.

RE: Suggestions - Kosheh - 12-04-2014

I had posted this in another topic, but felt that it was worthy of reposting in this topic for visibility.

The lack of a holiday theme is a very real issue that affects a number of users on VGR, and also our family and friends outside of VGR who care about and love us very much.

If a Non-Secular Holiday Entity (be it Santa, Hanukkah Harry, Muhammad al-Ramadan, King Kwanzaa, or the local greeting card store) wishes for my assistance in creating it, I'll gladly do what I can to help out. Smile
I really, really gotta make it onto the nice list this year. ):

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-04-2014

I didn't reply to it over there for a reason! I can't say anything yet but the gears are in motion on this one. Tongue

RE: Suggestions - Arima - 12-05-2014


The Old System actually had a separate Icon to indicate ZIP File Submissions.

Right Here:
[Image: TSR-OldSystem-ZIPFileIcon.png]

Why doesn't the New System have this?

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-05-2014

That wasn't built in. Certain submitters chose to add that to the individual icons. We thought about trying to automate this process with the new system but haven't gotten around to doing so yet. I agree it would be useful though.

RE: Suggestions - Kosheh - 12-07-2014

I'd just like to let the VGR staff know that I'm crying right now as my prayers (and song) was heard. This is the best theme, and I would thoroughly appreciate it if this theme could be on the forum year round (like put me in a group or something please, omg)

If I could make one TINY suggestion though:

The snow-capped green bar for the thead element is super cute and I love the absolute FUCK out of it. However, would it be possible to add text-shadow CSS of 1px 1px (whatever color the evergreen color is) to the thead element, so it's got an outline around it [and therefore the text sticks out, enhancing its readability]?

Incredible props to whoever designed it (I'll assume it was joint between Dazz/Petie/Vipershark/Gors)
nj guys o/