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RE: Suggestions - eureka - 11-13-2014

Could you give links please?
I wouldn't know where to look.
Or you could alternately tell me where to look (Archives, Spamhaul, etc.)

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 11-13-2014

It's all in the July 2014 Archive and the current General Discussion board. I don't have specific links but it shouldn't be difficult to find. That being said, it has long ago been settled so feel free to browse but avoid trying to drag it all back out again.

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 11-13-2014

The stickied thread in General Discussion explains everything. If you have any questions, ask there.

RE: Suggestions - Key0808 - 11-14-2014

(11-13-2014, 05:37 PM)Petie Wrote: It's a maybe. Template edits for such minor gain, especially when there is already a built-in solution (albeit with one extra click per thread), just aren't high on my priority list at the moment. My theory is that I can whip up some CSS to select just the link text when activating the hover underline and prevent the space from being included but that's a side project for another day.

Thanks either way.

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 11-18-2014

Hello, I have a question(s)

#1: When you fail with logging in can the screen say what was wrong? I could not log in on my phone/tablet/phablet even after clearing biscuits but after I reset the password I saw in the email that the name for logging in was changed too (to the account name (PuggsyEXPERT)). When I tried logging in again with this name (and new password) it worked. So for example if this happens can it say if my name is wrong or password is wrong or both?

#2: Thank you

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 11-18-2014

I've been looking for a way to provide error messages on the login screen but, since it's completely custom written and supersedes the built in login, it's a bit hard to grab the errors that MyBB throws. I did circumvent one major problem related to error messages but this is an ongoing battle unfortunately.

RE: Suggestions - Magma MK-II - 11-20-2014

Ant chance of having a iOS/Android section? It think there are enough games to justify it being separated from the mobile phones section.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 11-20-2014

Is there really any reason to separate them though? Sure, there are tablet specific versions of some games so the might not fit strictly within mobile phones but, for the most part, I don't see the need to break them out.

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 11-20-2014

As much as I strongly dislike the mobile market, I'd say there's a pretty striking difference between the old java games designed for/playable on dumbphones with keypads and today's touchscreen-based smartphones.

Perhaps separate them into mobile (old) and mobile (modern) or something.

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 11-20-2014

I personally think they should stick together in the Mobile group as is. I think it's logical for everyone to understand where what they might be looking for.

I can't say I can tell off the bat if something is a modern smartphone game or a dumbphone game. Look at Sonic Unleashed, released as a Java game on dumbphones. Compare that with half the smartphone games.

RE: Suggestions - Kosheh - 11-25-2014

(11-20-2014, 12:52 PM)Dazz Wrote: I can't say I can tell off the bat if something is a modern smartphone game or a dumbphone game. Look at Sonic Unleashed, released as a Java game on dumbphones. Compare that with half the smartphone games.

You can't?

Many modern games use HD resolutions as smartphones' ridiculously pristine screens now support up to 1080p. I'm sure off the bat you could probably assume that TWEWY's large sprites are optimized for HD resolutions.

If anything I'd make it Mobile (SD) and Mobile (HD) but w/e that's just me

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 11-25-2014

I still don't think there is any need for subdivision of the mobile category, regardless of the quality of the device a game was designed to run on. End of life games for any generation tend to look better than launch titles but we're not separating those out. The categories on the left are supposed to represent what they contain and Mobile Phone does that just fine without anything extra. The only concession I'd be willing to make would be to change it to just "Mobile" since this category includes tablet games as well.

RE: Suggestions - Magma MK-II - 11-26-2014

Yeah, that would be preferable, since these days these devices are less and less pure phones.

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 11-26-2014

Made the change.

RE: Suggestions - Neweegee - 11-26-2014

Not sure if it's been asked before, but is it a possible chance of more themes? The ones here now are great but I'd like some more with bigger changes like The Darkest Resource theme.