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3DS/Vita Resources - leokicklighter - 07-04-2014

Firstly, my most sincere apologies if this is a stupid question, yet I still feel compelled to ask; why, pray tell, has nothing from either the 3DS or the Vita been successfully harvested yet? Forgive my ignorance on these matters; I've always been a big fan of sprite art and the like, but I know little to nothing about the science behind the ripping process.

RE: 3DS/Vita Resources - Random Talking Bush - 07-04-2014

One word: encryption. The bane of data harvesters everywhere.

RE: 3DS/Vita Resources - leokicklighter - 07-04-2014

(07-04-2014, 07:31 PM)Random Talking Bush Wrote: One word: encryption. The bane of data harvesters everywhere.

Ah, I see. Out of curiosity, were an emulator somehow built successfully, could one perform a screenshot/sound channel rip? Or would the encryption issue preclude creating an emulator in the first place?

RE: 3DS/Vita Resources - puggsoy - 07-04-2014

If someone could make an emulator then you could indeed take screenshots or record sounds. A lot of the sprites and sounds here are submitted that way, because even now it's still not possible to rip directly from every game (or the effort it would take to figure out how to isn't worth it), even for old games.

The encryption issue prevents emulators as well though. I think it's slightly different, since you need to emulate the hardware (and not actually know how all the formats in the ROM work), but it's still very closely related.

RE: 3DS/Vita Resources - senjen - 07-04-2014

Actually this guy on twitter ripped models from X and Y he even has a script

you have to scroll through a whole bunch of stuff to find it though.

here's a screenshot of Mega-Chariazard X without his textures applied

[Image: Bf8wQ-gCUAE5dgN.png:large]

RE: 3DS/Vita Resources - leokicklighter - 07-05-2014

That is interesting, Senjen; I'm not as much of a Pokemon buff as I used to be, but it's nice to see people's love for it has bolstered the community.

Another thought has occurred to me: Couldn't sound resources be ripped via the headphone jack/direct solder to the board? I'm inclined to attempt the former myself, honestly.

RE: 3DS/Vita Resources - Mystie - 07-05-2014

It's not just that Twitter guy who's found out how to rip 3DS content; there's also a person on this very board who has been able to rip 3DS content too. Check out this thread here:

(Still awaiting a response from him though)