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RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 04-12-2017

Oh yeah, sorry for the confusion. I put those in in case the characters had symbols like in Smash Bros.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 04-29-2017

Chris2Balls [SP]
[Image: ojrjjfq.gif]

The other and lesser-known side to C2B. It is a demon which is said to devour villagers near the Skull Catacombs. Only human blood and sacrifice can satisfy its hunger. In exchange of these, it brings good fortune, and can also "spirit away" any troublesome or undesirable people within the village.

Updating OP sheet.

Edit: Sheet re-uploaded, I hadn't correctly recolored some sprites

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 04-30-2017

SP Gognio:

[Image: iP0JsTb.gif]
[Image: BJ2XIwd.gif]

[Image: vrVygSY.gif]

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - TomGuycott - 04-30-2017

I really like the head one in the first gif.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-01-2017

[Image: NDCZfvy.gif]
The best of both?

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - TomGuycott - 05-01-2017

Looks good! Be sure to have as many parts in the main sheet as you can (teapot, flames and top as separate pieces for example).

Also do you want the pot color to change with alternate colors, or stay purple?

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-01-2017

Updating OP

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-06-2017

[Image: rFFGIPb.png]
Alternate palette for C2B

[Image: br5CNCn.png]
Alternate palette for C2B [SP]

Updating OP