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RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 06-15-2014

I'm okay with that! I've updated the sheet, there's an idle for each set now.
[Image: 04nKXlC.png]
Here's a suggestion for choosing a moveset. Once you select your character, this would pop up and you could choose either. I guess you could make set A count as choosing one character slot, and set B as choosing another?

(06-14-2014, 05:05 PM)E-Man Wrote: Chris, does a lot of your inspiration for the fighting style of your character comes from Bobobo-Bobobobo?
No, I hadn't watched or read it before. I've started watching it and it's hilarious!

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Tellis - 06-16-2014

As cool of a concept as having two sets of Specials per character is, I've got a bit of an issue with it. My main problem is that it'd either be a situation where certain characters are arbitrarily "special" having double the options as other characters, or everyone would have to make these additional sets to fit the new expanded mold, meaning that people who thought they had completed sheets (especially Gors, who's pretty much left the project) will have to go back and work on them.

Also the idea of mid-battle moveset switching is hella janky, and it gives you a massive advantage in a fairly standard fighting game like this.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 06-16-2014

The B sets aren't exactly high-priority right now, and I have in no way had the pretense to say that I am setting the new standard - the standard, as far as I know, was set by Gors and still stands. Most of what I'm doing is extras, and a couple of updates, but it's really to keep things active and moving.

I didn't suggest the sets be interchangeable during the battle: I was thinking of something like in Street Fighter IV, where you choose your special moves before starting. Again, none of this is set in stone and it's there as a suggestion.
If it ultimately can't be put in the game, that's fine. I'm already immensely happy to have almost all my standard set in a working game.

Edit: Updated the 1000 fist special in the sheet, a few other changes too.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Tellis - 06-16-2014

Ah sorry, that wasn't directed at just you, it was more directed at Tom and Neko who are going forward with it like it was a new set-in-stone feature and I wanted to warn against that. I just put it here as it was the genesis of the discussion of B Sets.

Sorry if it felt like I was personally jumping on you, I love the idea of people going further with their character animations to get in practice and to further experiment with their character. I just think we should do a better job of drawing a line of what we can realistically do with the scale of the game.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 06-16-2014

That's okay, I'm sorry I took it personally. You did well to question the B sets, because I think we shouldn't jump onto the bandwagon too fast. I mean, it's like the big portraits - it isn't even necessary, but the idea caught on pretty rapidly.

I think there's what we can do realistically for the game, but also what's currently being done for the game. I agree that we should start off at a moderate scale for the game, but I don't actually know what is being worked on exactly.
TomGuycott's been doing a really great job on the game so far, and is enthusiastic to go along with our ideas and making them possible. Though perhaps we're working too much in our respective corners, to the whole project's detriment: I think we need guidelines for the things that we need first, so that we can get them out of the way, for everybody's sake.

So yeah, how about we establish what needs work on first? Smile

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - TomGuycott - 06-16-2014

Believe me, the logistics behind the Set B moves are NOT set in stone. In fact I probably won't even implement any fully until after the first run of the game.

The issue I currently have with them is the fact that the Fighter Maker does NOT have the best engine for building a menu. Sure, you can make a menu look nice enough, but your options are very limited. It won't allow me to make (at least as far as I know) a sub-menu for selecting a moveset, and if I use the internal values of the game to activate the moveset in some way, then what ends up happening is you get the computer using the exact same moveset as you no matter what.

Ultimately, the idea of the B moves is a nightmare outside of either copying the characters entirely into a new slot (Other games have done stuff like this, so it's not unheard of) or making the B moves available through a secret, one-time-per-round button input sort of like how Ryu could switch to either Ken or Akuma's fighting styles in the first Marvel vs Capcom.

B movesets ARE at the bottom of my priorities right now. I have a lot of other stuff to finish.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Kosheh - 06-17-2014

* Kosheh holds up a finger to interject

Are you guys confusing Specials with SF4's Supers, or Ultra Moves?

I could see characters choosing one GOGNIO or super move before battle, like SF4 itself does :V
Entire special-moveset changes (talking like QCF+P fireballs and dragon-punch flying uppercuts) would overcomplicate things as you'd be causing entire playstyle shifts among the characters

While that sounds kind of cool, it unnecessarily complicates the game and its mechanics ):

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 06-17-2014

You're quite right, Kosheh, I am confusing both. I think that changing the gognio or the spritality would be a lot more plausible than the special movesets.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 06-23-2014

Sheet has been updated, I changed the large portrait ever so slightly

Edit: Changed the portrait again, added a speech bubble, fixed one of 2B special's frames. OP updated.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 07-01-2014

Sorry, nothing new again, just reorganising the sheet. I've specified the quarter circles for the specials, made moveset B redundant in the process. Consequently moved the specials around, too. OP updated.

New Throw. If you're fast enough, you can continue packing blows.
[Image: hDB4goJ.gif]
[Image: lRuQAYN.gif]

[Image: TKFOu3j.gif]
New Spritality animation, which doesn't affect the spritesheet.
[Image: BnJfThj.gif]or[Image: 5v7jBT9.gif]
Another possibility?
[Image: MqDFy08.gif]or[Image: yDI3aBJ.gif]
Or this?
[Image: qgnnjmU.gif]
Or even this?

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 07-02-2014

[Image: q2y4EOC.gif]

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Sevenstitch - 07-02-2014

i really dig the last one
very cool

the one where he throws the ball is cool too

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 09-19-2014

[Image: 7uGVU7o.gif]
Pillarbox intro

[Image: uQQaFGh.gif]
Compilation of the speech bubbles. Haven't updated the OP yet

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 09-20-2014

[Image: K8vUNzN.png]
[Image: DBHhO0G.png]
I know these aren't making the game progress, but here they are nonetheless.

OP should be updated now

A few animations, too:
[Image: TsABIee.gif]
[Image: jTJABm3.gif]

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - TheShyGuy - 11-05-2014

For your hard work, here ya go

[Image: Y3bTL2Y.gif]

I've only been working on the game for about a week or two.  So far, this is my progress on your character, which I'm also using to make the moveset template.  I'm not ready to make a thread though, so this is more or less a little motivation.

Also, I noticed that the blur on punch2's leg movement inconsistent.