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Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-26-2014

[Image: nuJ9hZg.png]
Chris2Balls is an aggressive and unpredictable character. He is specialised in close-range combat, favouring combos and juggling over long-range attacks and projectiles.

Out of 15 *s:
Health: **
Attack: ****
Defense: ***
Speed: ****
Jump: **

I'll carry on editing the sheet, and will add animations and explanations to boot pretty soon.

Sound clips here.






Quarter Circle references
Clockwise: TF,BF,BB,TB -> TopFront, BottomFront, BottomBack, TopBack
Anti-Clockwise: TF,TB, BB, BF -> TopFront, TopBack, BottomBack, BackFront



RE: Chris2Balls - Character Information and Graphics - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-26-2014

I've put most of the graphics in spoilers. The rest will come during the week.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-27-2014

Added Special 2, updated the sprite sheet.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Omega - 05-27-2014

mmm the shell seems kind of weird to use if you can still attack, cuz there's gonna be ton of clipping then.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-27-2014

That was my intention. :B

Done special 3/ duck kick 2.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-27-2014

I've edited special 3 and duck kick. Working on the duck punch now

Edit: put the walk backwards in too.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-27-2014

I should be sleeping, but I've now got a definitive description of the missing attacks. Six animations to go, four of which are already more or less done.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-28-2014

Duck punch updated.

Edit: typo, and now there's a new Special 3 gif.

Edit2: Hokuto No Balls gif is uploaded.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-28-2014

I've lost track of what I've edited, but the air kick has been updated. Onto the Gognio now

Edit2: updated. Only the special 2 to do now.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-28-2014

Updated the sheet. The mock animation is being started, and I should be done.

Edit: sheet done, animation in progress

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-28-2014

Special 2: Ball Storm gif done. Finished, phew. I'll add a few bonuses but that's about it! Big Grin

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 05-29-2014

After some deliberation, Special 3 : Butt Hurt has been changed to Special 3 - Rising Loaf.
[Image: XIxf0Ug.gif]

[Image: DYu6qPY.gif]
Is C2B a stand user?!

[Image: FffKQva.gif]
New colour.

[Image: VommJnt.gif]
New faces.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Chris2Balls [:B] - 06-01-2014

[Image: Fq0iU53.gif]
I don't know where else to put it, but here's an idea.

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Lexou Duck - 06-01-2014

chris in your big portrait, the arm is a little too small, and the hand looks really bad, just htought i'd let you know Smile

RE: Chris2Balls (PLAYER) - Zadaben - 06-01-2014

there has to be a bar in between them when they first appear, because the cutoff looks really awkward otherwise