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A bony birthday - E-Man - 03-16-2014

I just noticed that today is Devicho's birthday. Have a happy birthday, Bonedaddy!

RE: A bony birthday - Garamonde - 03-17-2014

Happy boneday Devicho!

Hope you get to ride some epic bones

RE: A bony birthday - Helmo - 03-17-2014

[Image: tumblr_m0semqX4hj1qbtwyto1_250.jpg]
hbd too

RE: A bony birthday - Lemonray - 03-17-2014

Happy birthdays :DDDDDD

RE: A bony birthday - psychospacecow - 03-17-2014

Have a good one.

RE: A bony birthday - TomGuycott - 03-17-2014

(03-17-2014, 05:30 AM)Disco Voltar Wrote: Hope you get to ride some epic bones

[Image: tulipan.jpg]

Seriously though, happy birthday. Big Grin

RE: A bony birthday - puggsoy - 03-17-2014

Happy birthday Devicho Smile

RE: A bony birthday - Kosheh - 03-18-2014

oh no i forgot to post here last night because

im the worst

happy bonelated birthday, debbie cho ;__; i hope a japanese birthday is granted to you where they sing "ometedou birthday"

edit: here have this okay cover of happy birthday for B'z because i cannot seem to find the original, because the internet

RE: A bony birthday - Devicho - 03-18-2014

Thanks so much, guys!
I had a really good time over the course of the week and got to spend time with a friend I haven't seen IRL in months, and got some neat gifts! Mostly monetary, but I got a Super Famicom, Puyo Plush, and still in the mail is a metal Klefki keyring. Also bought myself some ridiculous junk, mainly Shaq-Fu on SNES and Bible Adventures on NES.