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the Game Gors - Gors - 01-27-2014

Very well, folks. My portable console has been successful so far due to your help. Animal Crossing's been a huge hit, along with M&L SSS and Ni no Kuni.

(If you want to improve your past entry, feel free to do so: they were really good!)

But you know, we can't rely with ports alone. Now I'll ask you to come up with an ORIGINAL GAME! Isn't that great? BUT THIS TIME, YOU NEED TO MAKE AT LEAST 2 MOCKUPS OF THE SAME IDEA TO QUALIFY. The more you detail your idea, the better are your chances to win!

If you don't remember the specs, here they are again:

-screen is 160x144;
-can produce 4 colors: black, gray, light gray and white;
-graphic is stored as 8x8 tiles in games;
-every 8x8 tile can only have 3 colors + transparency!


1-make a mockup of an ORIGINAL game. Two images (or more) per entry!
2-respect the specs listed above.
3-You may also give a brief description of your game. It's optional, but will surely help your idea stand out even more Smile


RE: the Game Gors - Koh - 01-27-2014

Can't you at least make it February 2nd? Some of us have classes all week XD! I want to throw my hat into the ring, but there's stuff going on.

RE: the Game Gors - Gwen - 01-27-2014

I agree with Koh, if the deadline could be February 2nd that would be swell. I'd love to actually try my hand at this, but I have class all week, and while I can do some work in between here and there, it shall be a busy week for sure.

RE: the Game Gors - Gors - 01-27-2014

extended to feb 2nd

RE: the Game Gors - Hiynastrike - 01-27-2014


[Image: oXCNct4.png]
Ya! Missing Pancakes, Beaches, Failure Ducks, yeah we get it.

[Image: woLFYV3.png]
And here is a later level which takes you under the waves. Here Hiyna is attacked by a school of Fangboots.

RE: the Game Gors - Sengir - 01-27-2014

[Image: DREOKVo.gif]


RE: the Game Gors - psychospacecow - 01-28-2014

[Image: Zl5Aa9A.jpg]
Psycho Space Cow, The Totally not Gradius Re-skin!

RE: the Game Gors - Virtuaboy123 - 01-28-2014

What no Game Gors Color?
WIP Metal Seige
[Image: bIpahZ7.gif]
still working on it feels a little too fast

bahh didn't have anytime to do a lot more but
[Image: 5dquP2S.png]
Would've been a rpg where there are multiple routes and choices of what you could do.

RE: the Game Gors - Gors - 01-28-2014

Just a friendly funfact, toba means asshole in portuguese
Otherwise it looks great

RE: the Game Gors - Virtuaboy123 - 01-28-2014

Even better.
(Asshole Corparation, where we make games you will never beat!)

RE: the Game Gors - Garamonde - 01-28-2014

Is the chainsaw supposed to look like genitalia j/w

RE: the Game Gors - SchAlternate - 01-28-2014


[Image: GGatre.png] [Image: GGhera.png]
Double the legends, double the rivalry!

Might make a title screen as well.

RE: the Game Gors - Gwen - 01-28-2014

Here's a WIP of one of the screens, thinking the other might be a title screen, or if not that, I'll probably make one for funsies
[Image: cpm3KIS.png]

RE: the Game Gors - Kitsu - 01-29-2014

[Image: kamigame_mock_01.gif]
first screen

RE: the Game Gors - psychospacecow - 01-29-2014

How long have you guys been doing these? They all look official and stuff.