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VOTING TIME - game gors - Gors - 01-23-2014

It's now time to vote the cool entries we've had so far!


RE: VOTING TIME - game gors - Hoeloe - 01-23-2014

I couldn't not vote for that first one - I love ES too much.

RE: VOTING TIME - game gors - psychospacecow - 01-26-2014

I still think mine looks pretty good for a first attempt.

RE: VOTING TIME - game gors - Gors - 01-27-2014

This compo's winner is Devicho, with 12 votes! Congratulations!

[Image: E5G4N27.gif][Image: 4eGucrK.png][Image: E5G4N27.gif]

So far, the ranking is as follows:

Kitsu: [Image: E5G4N27.gif]
Devicho: [Image: E5G4N27.gif]

You can further improve the entry you've sent in! I want to see the ideas take shape more and more!

The next compo will happen soon...