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E-Man's Stream with a vengeance - E-Man - 06-16-2013

Hey, this is E-Man again! I'm not sure if you guys heard, but I now have a livestream channel. So far, it's not very successful, but I was hoping you guys could help me change all that.

I'll mostly be drawing, but I can do other things upon request... Anyone interested?

E-Man's Stream with a vengeance - E-Man - 03-25-2014

Hey guys!

It's been mighty long since I had a stream, so I decided to host one several minutes ago. Sadly, it didn't turn out the way I wanted to and I promptly ended it because it wasn't fun to do a stream if nobody was watching it.

In any case, though, I think I'll try to stream again later. Of course, besides using this topic to announce when my streams will begin, I would also like to use it as a means of gathering feedback to make my streams more interesting and worthwhile to watch. If you have any ideas you would like to bounce about and suggestions I could use to attract more viewers without plastering my livestream channel all over the place, I'm happy to hear it.

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 03-25-2014

OK! I'm about to stream just about now! If anyone wants to watch, go right ahead and follow the link!


RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 03-27-2014

Hi there!

I had a wonderful time with the stream we had on Tuesday night! Normally, I wouldn't get as many viewers as did just now (usually, I would just have one or three), but since I had at least eight attending, I had a blast chatting with everyone as they typed their replays almost as fast as I said mine.

Anyway, as enjoyable as the stream was, I don't think I'll be able to do it again until next Tuesday because the last stream kept me up until 4:00 AM (in the Netherlands timezone). The next time I do a stream, I would like to do it a hair bit earlier, so what would be a good time to start announcing my stream when I do one in the near future?

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-01-2014

I'll be streaming today, so keep an eye on my live stream page when I finally get the chance!

Just so you know, though, considering that I had many long nights in the past week, I'll be trying to keep this stream pretty short.

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-01-2014

I'm streaming right now since Demonlemon's here, but I've run into some technical difficulties.

Don't worry, though! I'll be right back as soon as I fix the problem!

Here is that status of the live stream as of now.

When I tried to record footage for today's stream, I got a window that told me I was unable to connect to the server. I tried to go to the contact page in order to ask the live stream admins to see if there's a problem going on, but I can't even reach that page at all.

In any case, I have the right to believe that there is something nutty going on the web site today, so I may as well resume my live stream on another day. I'll try again on Wednesday or Thursday, but if I can't access the site properly, then I'll need to wait a hair bit longer (as much as this bothers me because I want to do this stream as much as you guys want to).

By the way, you guys know what Twitch TV is, right? If it is just as good (or better than) the live stream site I use, I might consider using that for my streams for now on. What do you think?

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-01-2014

The site is now live again! As a result, I decided to resume the stream! Please join me if you haven't.

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-01-2014

Currently, my live stream is over; however, I was wondering if there is anyone that wants me to do another one today. Just reply in this stream if you want me to do another stream right away, or I should do one later.

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-11-2014

Right then! Now that it's Friday, I'll start streaming now!

I'll see you there!

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-11-2014

Okay, nobody today attended my stream, so I never started it.

I'm going to try again tomorrow to see if I'll get at least one guest there. Sounds good?

RE: Stream another stream - E-Man - 04-12-2014

Right then, considering that Friday didn't work well for this stream, I'm going to try it again today. Just pop by my stream page and I'll get it started, OK?

RE: E-Man's Stream with a vengeance - E-Man - 04-13-2014

Hey guys!

Considering that no one attended my streams as of late (which was the reason why there wasn't any), I want to ask you your thoughts on what I could do to raise some more hype for my stream within the site rules.

I might do a stream today, but, personally, I want to hear some feedback from you guys considering that I'm the only one replying in this topic so far.

RE: E-Man's Stream with a vengeance - Rhyme - 04-15-2014

Twitch won't allow streaming of non-gaming content so if you were drawing it'd likely get closed if you switched

RE: E-Man's Stream with a vengeance - psychospacecow - 04-15-2014

Doesn't Gors do just that though?

RE: E-Man's Stream with a vengeance - Rhyme - 04-15-2014

(04-15-2014, 03:58 AM)psychospacecow Wrote: Doesn't Gors do just that though?

does he? i even made an alt account so i didn't show up any under 'game' list and i still got warned, i'm not sure