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"Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Gussprint - 02-26-2013

Alright, I have no idea if this is the right forum to post this, so if the mods wanna put this where it should be, by all means.

Anyway, you guys remember SOPA, CISPA and the like, right? Remember the [CENSORED] they caused?
...Well, it's that time of the year again. There's something they're trying to pass called Copyright Alert System, or CAS for short. Long story short, if it passes this is going to be ugly... Unless we do something about it, that is. And we can!

Stop CAS (Copyright Alert System)
Yup, there's a petition right there. You know what to do, folks, sign that jazz, spread the news and tell others to do the same.

...Seriously though, this is important here. Again, if this passes we're all pretty much screwed. I've made an account there literally on a whim just to sign the petition, and coupled with the fact that I don't really like talking about politics and anything related, THAT says a lot.
So if you do care, then please, sign the dang thing and spread it like wildfire. And tell others to sign too, while you're at it. We have until March 25th(Of this year, obviously), and the petition must reach 100.000 signatures by then. So go for it. Show 'em what you're made of and stuff.

...Trying really hard to keep my blood pressure from exploding from pure unadultered rage...

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Goemar - 02-26-2013

May I ask why is actually wrong with it? It has warnings, very little legal action by the sounds of it and doesn't evade privacy any more than what is already done... Unless I'm missing something here...

Also after reading this it's only public peer-to-peer networks that are being 'watched' - so well, seems pretty damn pointless.

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Sengir - 02-26-2013

To top it off, this isn't even a government act. Even if the petition reaches 100k the government can't really do anything about it that isn't illegal in itself.

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Lemonray - 02-26-2013

[Image: sNwyvyy.jpg]

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Dear President Seinfeld - 02-26-2013

Don't you guys understand, if this passes we're SCREWED!!

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - puggsoy - 02-27-2013

Did you even read Goemar's link? It only affects peer-to-peer sharing (i.e. torrents), and even then there are ways to avoid them snooping in (proxies, etc). Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with it, it's preventing people from downloading illegal torrents (including those who might not even know it's illegal), I don't see how that'll screw us. And if you get your ROMs and ISOs to rip sprites/models/sounds/textures from via torrents, there are plenty of sites that host them online anyway.

That's not to say the petition is a bad idea or anything, this could surely be a problem for some people, I just don't think it's a huge deal. This is like the Megaupload thing, people were screaming their heads off about it but nobody cares now. It'll probably be the same here.
From what I can tell, at least.

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Gussprint - 02-27-2013

...Hum. So I just read Goemar's link, and... Well, not gonna lie. I'm confused as all get out.

Thing is, I got the news on this thing from some Tumblr posts(I don't have a Tumblr per se, though), and the tone these were written in made me go "Oh, HELL no.". Basically, I was getting flashbacks of the SOPA/CISPA/whatever craze.

Followed by terror. And rage of the highest degree.

But now that I know just what this is really about... huh. I don't know how to respond to this. Guess that'll teach me to stop going full throttle whenever I read something that makes my blood boil.

...So yeah. I think this topic can go to the trashbin now. Or something.

And before anyone asks, no, I don't even use BitTorrent.

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Ngamer01 - 03-03-2013

Maybe this thread could be salvaged if we could use it to note when things are happening that could negatively affect the internet?

If you're in the US:

CISPA has returned and is threatening to kill 4th amendment protection in regards to technology. Also the original CISPA had a clause in that copyright violators are national security threats. That means tSR could have been classified terrorists under CISPA originally. o.O

For all of us:

ACTA is revived. If you don't want to see a worse version of the US's DMCA system go international, now is the time to act and peacefully protest against ACTA once again.

EDIT - And on the Pacific side:

This is the Pacific version of ACTA. It's just as bad as ACTA as big content and copyright maximalists are negotiating in secret to increase copyright laws and penalties world-wide. All behind our backs and without our support.

RE: "Stop CAS" Petition [IMPORTANT!!] - Gussprint - 03-04-2013

...Yup. It's that time of the year again indeed. And it's from the same people, too.
You'll have to excuse me, I think I'm having one aneurysm after the next right now. Because my mind is having a hard time comprehending why someone hasn't shot them yet.

Because they're using everything they can to take free speech and the like and wipe their asses with them.

Really wish there's anything I could do at times like this, but since I'm not US material, I'm probably out. Which makes me rage even more.

...So, yeah. There's my feelings on the matter. You know what to do, folks, spread the news. Anything to stop this.