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bunch of sprites - newGuy - 01-31-2011

Okay, it's me again. This time I'm posting a few old sprites I happened to have found among my files, for feedback:

A goat's bust, like those of coins and stuff:
[Image: goat1.png]

[Image: mailz.png]

A Fender Stratocaster:
[Image: stratocaster-sprite.png]

A toucan:
[Image: tucano-sprite.png]

That's about it, I'll update with more stuff later on, please tell me what you think. Big Grin

RE: bunch of sprites - Cobalt Blue - 02-01-2011

you could really benefiot from using a little less black.

RE: bunch of sprites - newGuy - 02-02-2011

Thanks for the comment, bro.
btw are you talking about a specific sprite or all of 'em in general? Also I just realized my goat doesn't quite have ears, guess I'll work on that.

RE: bunch of sprites - Cobalt Blue - 02-02-2011

in general. you might want to experiment using diferent amounts of saturation and diferent hues for a linework so it wouldn't look so harsh and even help it blend a bit more with the rest of the shading.