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RE: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010 - Nindo - 12-24-2010

Got mine in, sorry to make you have to wait Santa baby.

RE: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010 - [robo9] - 12-24-2010

Finally finished recording. I really wish it couldve sounded betterr, but I had alot of problems with my recording software, sore throat, and my lack of guitar playing. I also need a course or two on how to write better lyrics.

If all else, I hope they like it.

RE: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010 - TomGuycott - 12-24-2010

I feel rushed because of all the things on my end that have been hindering me from doing this, and although I'd love to do better, I'm still happy with how it turned out thankfully. Hopefully my recipient will like it, that's all I really care about! XD

RE: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010 - TKGB - 12-24-2010

ARGH! I'm too impatient. I want the Secret Santa to happen now!

RE: tSR SECRET SANTA 2010 - Father Christmas - 12-24-2010

Scratch that, I've got something important to do for the rest of the day, so I'll be posting the gifts in a separate topic now! Ho ho ho!