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RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Petie - 05-14-2014

Yeah, there are definitely some issues with the current ads. I've been redirected to the App Store a number of times on my iPhone. We'll definitely look into it.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 05-14-2014

We're aware of these issues and working to resolve them. Most of the mobile ads that redirect are hard to control - but we have a solution that may take some time to complete.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Random Talking Bush - 05-14-2014

(05-14-2014, 04:29 AM)dolphman Wrote: More ad issues. I got redirected to something called "Icloud control panel" a minute ago. Similar to that fake java malware ad.
Immediately, I deleted it out of my browser history just to be on my safe side.
Plus there's a few nitpicks regarding an ad popping at the bottom of the main site pages, and some ads playing video and/or audio.
So I wasn't the only person then, I had similar ads pop up for me last night when I was uploading a couple of models...

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 05-14-2014

I've removed what I believe was the issue - let me know if anything comes up again though.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dolphman - 05-16-2014

Got redirected again. This time to something called "dailidownload"

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - E-Man - 06-05-2014

Well, Petie said that I should report ads that redirect me in this thread, so let me share with you what I believe is the seventh time this happened to me in the history of browsing this site (and all of these occurrences happened in the past few months).

The link above leads to a certain porno game featuring angels and lackluster gameplay. Out of all the redirection ads I received, this is so far the only one with suggestive content.

EDIT: I got another suggestive ad.

For goodness sake, why am I getting ads like these all of a sudden?

EDIT (again): Here's another one.

Another EDIT:

I'm getting sick of these.

Yet another EDIT:

It's the same ad as last time, but with a different URL.

Here's an EDIT:

You know the drill:

I didn't know if I should bump the topic or not, but…