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RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - puggsoy - 10-25-2012

(10-25-2012, 02:38 PM)Mighty Jetaku Wrote: Try refreshing? I didn't check but there may be a close button? IDK.

There is one, near the top right of the bar.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 10-26-2012

It is likely we will drop these bars, but for now we need to try them out.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Sevenstitch - 01-06-2013

Not sure if this applies as "adult advertisements," but I figured I'd show it anyway

[Image: advert2.png]

I'm not personally offended by this ad, but it might be for younger forum goers.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 01-06-2013

That's based on browse history, I'd assume - it's an ad from Google Adsense, so...

It may be you've been looking up Yugioh, or playmats, or something?

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Sevenstitch - 01-06-2013


I don't think ive ever googled yu-gi-oh, or ever shopped for playmats...

Adsence.. Doesn't really "get" me I guess.

Oh well, I'll keep a closer eye on the adsence thing from now on.

carry on

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - redblueyellow - 06-04-2013

[Image: ad.png~original]

When the ad shows up as the page loads, a new tab opens up leading to this:

(Basically if you were to click the banner, although it shows up regardless if you have clicked it or not.) It's only happened twice so far for me (once yesterday and also a few minutes ago).

Just a tad annoying.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Deathbringer - 07-17-2013

[Image: iBq2L3VSx5OjV.png]

It's not so much what it's advertising, which is some browser game, but the words "roman orgy" might get some site users in some trouble in certain places like say school or work.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - puggsoy - 07-22-2013

[Image: idLK03zRlUU1g.png]

I get this below the first post of any page of any thread, whether I'm logged in or not.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Petie - 07-22-2013

That's because we changed your user group today and Dazz never updated the exempt groups! Good catch, I'll take care of that now.

You should be good now. Just let me know if you're still seeing it.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - puggsoy - 07-22-2013

Thanks, it's gone now Smile

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - daemoth - 07-22-2013

Not sure if the error is on your side, but one of the ad is bugged. Heres whats appears:
"Not Found

The requested URL /ad-backup-banner.html was not found on this server."

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 07-23-2013

Fixed... That was my bad.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - x0_000 - 10-28-2013

I'm not sure what's the cause (although it's probably an ad :v), but while browsing the forums I'm being redirected to a site that looks 99% malicious:
[Image: PO6wDWB.png]

The original URL is:

The only thing I can tell is that this happens when I'm not logged in, although it's only happened 3 times so far. I tried a few browsers and it's happened on Internet Explorer and Firefox.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Petie - 10-28-2013

Yeah, that's malicious and shouldn't be clicked. I edited out the link in your post to keep curious people from clicking on it.

Dazz, when you see this, do something about it because this is definitely something we don't want visible to visitors.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - x0_000 - 11-06-2013

Avast has started picking up a malware warning from


This is happening when I'm logged out and it's occuring very consistently.