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RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - alexmach1 - 07-22-2012

this came up just as i was closing a tab
[Image: YhX5b.png]

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 07-22-2012

I've spotted that once before too. I'm not sure how to get rid of it, since it doesn't appear to be attached to anything at all... It only comes up once in about 5,000 page views though.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Petie - 07-22-2012

Dazz, it's part of the comscore tag - it seems they sneak it in there as part of the "this code doesn't actually show anything and is just used for metrics" section. I can remove it if you'd like and it should stop appearing but I figured I'd wait until I discussed it with you first.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 07-22-2012

I thought I had removed the comscore tag from everything anyway... If you could remove it, that'd be great.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Petie - 07-22-2012

It's gone. You had missed Afresh Flame and Afresh Holiday but it had already been removed from all other templates.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Goemar - 07-31-2012

Not sure if this counts as an ad thing or an error or what but the usual ad-block had the tSR sprite search box in it, aka the top right corner of tSR being visible where the ad normally is.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Petie - 07-31-2012

It's actually neither. Ads insert their own code into the page and sometimes, the advertisers don't write particularly good code so it can mess with the layout of the page a bit. That's likely what you're seeing, if I'm understanding correctly. If it persists though, let me know.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Previous - 08-30-2012

It's no biggie but it has been bugging me slightly recently.

[Image: NL40c.png]
Saturn, geiz ist geil!
It's an electronic store chain here okay.

Well this ad. It's badly coded I assume since it makes my CPU go 50 to 80% on idle just by sitting there. Not a huge deal, really, but slightly annoying especially because I don't see why it would use so much power for not doing much.
Either way when I click it I get to this link:


It looks rather broken to me and leads me to a HTML page which is displayed as plain text... probably due to the [[reredirect_plain]] at the end.
See, badly coded things bother me Very Sad

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Previous - 09-05-2012

Torch just showed me this.

An overlay ad on a forum? Highly annoying if you ask me, especially when there does not appear to be a close button. I assume it would appear after some time, but still, such ads are pure poison for message boards.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Dazz - 09-05-2012

if you hover over some ads for 3 seconds you will get an overlay.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Garamonde - 09-05-2012

Tell him next time the ad appears to try clicking anywhere on the page outside the ad. That fixes most overlay ads.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Candel - 09-05-2012

actually, there was no close button and clicking outside wouldn't do anything that was what I meant. It's always that ad.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Kami - 09-14-2012

Welp, for some reason I occasionally get and ad, where when ever I click something and a pop-up pops up and annoy the hell out of me.

Edit: I've never had any of those ads that poped up appear before.

Edit 2: I checked my pop-up blocked and cookie settings and it blocks unwanted cookies and comepletely blocks pop-ups yet the weird ads came up via pop up.
It happened on the main site too.

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Gaia - 09-14-2012

ArcadeCandy is giving me a hard time browsing the main site, as it is one of those annoying as all hell redirect ads, and ambushes me every now and then. Can someone deal with this?

And is it normal for ads to show up so frequently? I was also ambushed by the Wizard 101 redirect ad too. When it happens again next time, I'll grab a screenshot.

EDIT: Well speak of the devil, here's the ad!

RE: Official "Advertisement Reporting" Topic - Kami - 09-14-2012

Welp, seems like pogo is also popping up and I've been ambushed by the ones Gaia said too. It's starting to get ridicutlous, I can't click on anything when I return to TSr without being abused by ads.