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this is a cringe joke post
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this was a cringe joke post Cute
i originally made this as a fricking joke to see how people would react to shitpost

looking back, this post is nothing but shit, can someone delete it? i sure can't. Smile

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This isn't pixel art.

This is just a doodle.

OP not to be mean but there is not a single reason why I should take this thread seriously. I'm just saying it as it is.
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yes yes yes more cringe Big Grin
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i come here after months of not browsing and i lay my eyes into this shit thread
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If you're like 11 years old and this is your first shot at pixelart - this isn't quite pixelart but I've gotta applaud you for giving digital art a shot! But yeah this is far from pixelart. First off, the image is blurry against a solid white background so it's right off the bat useless in someone's project.

Pixelart actually, I don't know? Actually has some effort to try to stick to the particular style of a medium. Like for example...this pixelart that can be found on TSR. This would be considered pixelart.

[Image: 18276.png]

Like I don't know you could make the argument that an "MSPaint drawing" still qualifies as art, but there's a level of quality and effort associated with the medium that quantifies something as "pixel art" (usually self-imposed rules are what comes to mind)

I usually never, ever suggest this but I'd suggest tracing over an art piece in MSPaint to get an idea of what level of effort needs to go into an art piece (the outline, use of colors, shading, etc)
Since it's traced you technically can't submit it attempting to pass it off as original art - but that's OK - a lot of great artists have plenty of illustrations they draw that the public doesn't necessarily see that helps them better grasp the world around them in their artwork.

P.S. If you're thinking of submitting this to the Spriter's Resource, most art on there typically...has the intention of being "recycled" for use in other projects - sometimes credited to you. This isn't Deviantart. Before submitting, think to yourself: "Could anyone else use this pixelart I'm about to submit in their project?"
tl;dr I'd practice a bit but you've got the right idea
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(08-17-2018, 06:43 AM)Gors Wrote: i come here after months of not browsing and i lay my eyes into this shit thread

I think with respect to Kosh's post, he's got a point that it's a good first shot at digital art if that's the case.

I get it's against the rules if it really is confirmed that OP is under 13, but being someone who also did this age faking thing back in pixeltendo and further back to mario fan games galaxy I can understand why he did it to appeal to his curiosity and give it a go himself. Rules are rules if it's indeed confirmed regardless.

But to be honest I don't know if this is a troll thread or not. But everyone's insight stands. Nothing about it qualifies as pixel art and if this kid really is serious about making it from here on out he's gonna have to take a step back, learn some core fundamentals of art in his spare time and also study how pixel art is actually made too, and we have plenty of resources for that if OP chooses to look.

I get that we nit pick alot and sometimes our critique is blunt, in fact alot of people who can't handle it tend to break down and there's been at least one other thread that went that route. But be aware we often say what we say for what we feel are for the right reasons and there are far worse people out there who could give way less of a shit and just flame you for being too defensive. Whatever the case, if Janekon is serious, he should lurk around in the important threads for a while and then the rest of the board to see how our dances of making pixel art and critiquing really work on these boards. (Especially when I see emojis being abused like that outside of facebook. With all do respect Janekon, can you not?)
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defention Smile
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