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Playable Characters
Cecilia Adlehyde Sad
Jack van Burace Sad
Hanpan Cute
Rudy Roughknight Ninja

Lady Harken Cute
Alhazad Cute
Zeikfried Cute
Zeik Tuvai Cute
Zed Cute
Boomerang Cute
Luceid Cute
Belselk Cute
Mother Cute
Motherfried Cute
Enemies Ninja

Friendly Characters
Character Set #1 Cute
Character Set #2 Cute
Guardians Cute
Asgard/Earth Golem Cute
Animals Sad

Protowing Testflight Cute
Protowing/Gullwing Cutscene Cute
Sinking Ghost Ship Cutscene Cute
Rudy's Memories Ninja
Epilogue Ninja
Rolling Stones Cute
Title Cute
Protowing/Gullwing Cute
Ka Dingel Cutscenes Cute
Dark Tear Incident Ninja

Adlehyde Cute
Adlehyde (destroyed) Cute
Adlehyde Castle Cute
Adlehyde Ruin Festival Cute
Pleasing Garden Cute
Volcannon Trap Cute
Mountain Pass Cute
Mount Zenom Cute
Ka Dingel Entrance Cute
Ka Dingel Sad
Memory Temple Cute
Deserted Island Cute
Snow Ravine & Former Photosphere Cute
Ancient Arena Cute
Guardian Shrine Cute
Sweet Candy Cute
Heaven's Corridor Cute
Lolithia's Tomb Cute
Curan Abbey Cute
Sealed Library Cute
De Le Metalica Cute
Filgaia Ninja
Elw Dimension Cute
Elw Pyramids Ninja
Giant's Cradle Cute
Gemini's Corpse Cute
Isolated Guilds Cute
Gate Generator Cute
Gate Generator Control Chair Sad
Pandemonium Cute
Pandemonium Top Cute
Malduke - Area 11 [Traffic Area] Sad
Malduke - Area 21 [Statue Area] Cute
Malduke - Area 31 [Residential Area] Cute
Malduke - Area 41 [Mine Area] Cute
Malduke - Area 51 [Control Area] Cute
Maze of Death Cute
Photosphere Cute
Photosphere Control Chair Cute
Photosphere Control Chair (destroyed) Cute
Epitaph Sea Cute
Tripillar Cute
Wandering Isle Cute
Dead Sanctuary Cute
Dragon Shrine Cute
Tarjon Village Cute
Sacred Shrine Cute
Forest Mound Cute
Forest Prison Cute
Cage Tower Cute
Demon's Lab Ninja
Milama Village Sad
Saint Centour Sad
Rosetta Town Sad
Surf Village Sad
Ship Graveyard Sad
Baskar Village & Baskar Pyramid Cute
Vassim's Lab Sad
Forgotten Ruins Sad
Ancient Altar Sad
Berry Cave Ninja
The Abyss Cute
Secret Passage Cute

You sure are committed.
Okay, the project is dead.

Everytime I view a tileset in PSX-VRAM, one area is without a palette.

I really can't find this silly palette, I swear that I will rip the whole game if I find out how it works:

Even Surfer Village is concerned, the outdoors-area is unrippable.

Edit: Old post from above:
Now that I know about the "hidden" palettes (thx to Deathbringer), I will revive this project with a WIP:
I don't have a clue about the wooden roof, the door and the stone wall, I think I have to rip the whole map as well.
Big Grin
I was totally gonna rip the same stuff, but decided to do a search on it first. XD. I wanna know how you were able to rip off a PS game! XP!
The tool is named PSX-VRAM =)



Quote:Short Explanation in own words:
With F1 you can create a save file, use F2 if you want to switch between your save locations. Go to folder epsxe -> sstates -> now you have a data with the file extension .000-/.001-/.002 or something like that.

Rename this file extension to .gz and unpack it with Winrar or Winzip. Drag this file and drop it into the PSX-VRAM window.

With the keys W, A, S, D you can navigate your red box, which shows you the current graphics you want to view. Switch between the keys 0 and 9 to view both kinds of graphics (different encryptions).
Now the palette:
With your direction keys, you can navigate a red cross to the coloured bars (palettes) to give your sprites the right colours, hold shift if you want to move 1 pixel instead of 16.
Protip: Move horizontally 16 pixel and vertically 1.

Additionally, some other stuff:
epsxe 1.7 with all preferences (use 1.6 if you want to change discs):

I recommend Snagit 8 for taking pics, it's one of the best screen capture programs in existence and very comfortable (Input: Region, Output: Catalogue). Just hit a predefined key and mark the area you want to capture, the program will take a screen of it.
Thanks so much! Now, I'm totally gonna rip the magic from Final Fantasy Tactics to use on Rpgmaker! ^________^ (wish me luck!)
Oh, quick question. I use PSXfin playstation emulator. Well... It has a setting where you can view that scrambly pallete of all the tiles... I can screenshot that, but I wondering if BMPs will work with that proggie. I was able to drag it in and view it, and change the colors like that guide had shown, but finding the right colors is hard DefeatedSweatdrop Is it because it's a BMP or what? Do you know? Genki ^_^;
I'm not sure if I understand you right, but PSX-VRAM works with savestates and not with bmps. I've also never heard of this PSXfin emulator and can't say anything about that.

[Image: mostlyzero.png]

look at clut 0, 485/487/389/345, and so on , most of PSX-games are using this 0-grid.

FelixFlywhee Wrote:I'm totally gonna rip the magic from Final Fantasy Tactics to use on Rpgmaker!
I'm using RM2k3, don't expext too much from these PSX-games. Most of these animations look only good because they work very well with alpha transparency and fluid appearing/disappearing animations.
PSXfin has been the best emulator I ever used. It's a lot faster than ePSXe when it comes saving/loading states. It does it instantly, and doesn't stop for a bit and make a skippy sound like ePSXe (maybe that's just me?) , and it has a button that shows the graphic sheet thing that's all scrambly looking. Hmm... I has lots and lots to learn, that's for sure! x__xSweatdrop

Maybe I'm doing something wrong then, but if this is so, then I'll have to find a tool that converts the savestates from PSXfin to the ePSXe format, because I do all my games on PSXfin. -.-Sweatdrop
Here's a screenshot of that emulator showing the graphic sheet. It shows it with the F11 key. So if I snapshot this graphic sheet, it couldn't be used on the PSX-VRAM? x__x;

I love this emulator so much DedSweatdrop
mh, this looks familiar.

Are you sure you can't use the controls from PSX-VRAM on this window?
Late reply. XD!! Nope, I couldn't, it would look very glitchy still, and there would be a bunch of lines going through all the graphics. Like a TV screen or something, only vertically. I guess that's why it has to be a save state file. XD Luckily, I figured all that out + being able to convert save files to epsxe.... Now, if only there was a way to rip sound effects. Defeated;
Quote:Luckily, I figured all that out + being able to convert save files to epsxe....
Could you explain it in a short sentence? Maybe it's helpful for other people =)

Quote:Now, if only there was a way to rip sound effects. Defeated;
There is a program named PSound, I've ripped some sound effects from Thrill Kill with that.
*uses MAX Revive on this thread

[Image: wildarmschars.png]

Just grabbed a few quicksaves and ripped all the chars & objects from it.
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