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Full Version: Wild Arms
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Looking forward to this being completed! Hope you're still going at it?
I will rip more soon, but at the moment I have too much to do.

Here is a little update:
I beat the game, 5 super bosses are left but I'm already sorting the sprites:
These are a few sprites from the main characters, Rudy, Jack, Hanpan & Cecilia. I can't understand why some of their poses (mainly walking) have so many variations due to colour reduction from the developers. I guess I will let them on the sheet and mark them as duplicates.

Same thing with the NPCs which are also not oldschool sprited, but the monsters and objects are very easy to rip. Only the textures for enemies and battle backdrops are easier to get. A few of them have a weird background, it seems that it's not even a transparency colour, but this is how some of them are displayed in the VRAM:
[Image: snag0272.png]

This one has a clear white background, but it outlines using anti-alias:
[Image: snag0271.png]

Whatever, for now I will rip them all (or most of them) and submit them in a zip, Wild Arms has 100-150 monsters and I want as many as I can get.
I'm doing it like TomGuycott and begin the project with the final boss:
[Image: sectioniconwildarms.png]

[Image: iconzeiktuvai.png]

So does this game have sprites, textures, or both?
Textures for kombats, sprites for overworld graphics.
The first tileset from the game:
[Image: iconancientarena.png]
[Image: ancientarena.png]
Updated the first post with a new list.

Friendly Characters:
[Image: iconguardians.png]

[Image: icondesertedisland.png]

[Image: iconsnowravineformerpho.png]

I've also ripped all the textures for the Guardians when you summon them in battle:
Great job, Davias! I love Wild Arms Heart
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