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Full Version: Panel de Pon Ripping
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Hey, all. Other than character portraits and...tilesets I've never seen in the game...the site does not seem to have sprites from Panel de Pon. Question my masculinity if you want, but this game is awesome. Lip and the other fairies need to be brought out of Japan. She was actually one of the characters I was hoping to see in Brawl.

But, before I ramble anymore, here is the progress I have on Lip's sheet. I have some of the other fairies partially ripped as well. So, if I need to show those as well, then please let me know.
Anyone else advocate this?

Side note: I'm still a newbie at ripping, so does anyone have any advice? I have a feeling I'm going about this the wrong way...
Thanks in advanced. Smile
I use a program called "animget"- it records the game while you play it frame-by-frame....and another word of advice- use your emulator and disable layers so it will save you a LOT of time cutting the background around the sprite you want to rip...
Yeah, I realized that you could get rid of layers a little while after I posted this. An epic facepalm was executed.

Now for a little progress update.
I have 6 of the 8 fairies fully ripped right now. The other 2 are on their way, along with the boss characters. Uh...should I go ahead and officially submit those 6, or wait until everything's done?