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Full Version: Mother Brain from "Chrono Trigger"
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Chrono Trigger - Mother Brain

[Image: motherbrain.gif]
Very nice job.
Awesome job! Smile
Thank's you !!!
Aha! I have a few questions ?
1. Whether to start the work on Chrono Trigger NDS(whether it is worthwhile )
2.Whether to stay in addition what is on SNES.Smile
Big GrinI am writing well in English Big Grin

1. I don't think it's worth it except the exclusive stuff.
2. I think that would be best! Smile
Yeah, we only need the new enemies from the DS version. If you want to stick to the SNES and finish that game up, that would be awesome. Smile
O. k. I want the list of new enemies in the game Chrono Trigger