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Full Version: The World Ends With You Background Rips
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here are 3 of the many backgrounds i have ripped. i'm working on all the other backgrounds as well as the pins, clothes, and tigris cantus

[Image: theworldendswithyou104b.png]
[Image: theworldendswithyou104b.png]
[Image: theworldendswithyoustat.png]
[Image: theworldendswithyoustat.png]
[Image: theworldendswithyoubust.png]
[Image: theworldendswithyoubust.png]

What do you guys think?

But these are all bottom-screen versions. They all have a top-screen alternate version (which is usually animated). But this is a great start.
Ya i know about the top screens...they're like impossible to do because of the shadow of the character so i'd have to pretty much custom make what's there.

Edit: i'll actually try to do the top screens after all...i got the pictures of them and i can try my hardest...there's no guarantee however that they will be great.
Wow, they seem so much bigger when you're actually playing...
Most of the battle arenas are pretty small, yeah. The top screen arena's a fixed size, and the bottom screen arena fluctuates. The smallest is the Hatchiko statue, the largest is inside the concert hall.
Added a top screen for the 104 building and i'm going to work on the other two previously ripped backgrounds tops today. 104, is not finished, but will probably be finished later this week.

Edit: statue of hachiko is complete.
Edit2: all done except for 104. i'll do that later this week hopefully.