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Full Version: TMNT III: Manhattan Project rips
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I've ripped me some sprites for that 8-bit NES TMNT classic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Manhattan Project.

But so far, all I have available to put up is this sheet of Slash sprites that I solely ripped out of boredom.

[Image: slashspriterips.png]

Yes, I'm a retro/8-bit nerd. Sue me. Very Sad

For those who wish to contribute, feel free to do so!
There should be a 3rd frame for walking, also used for standing.
And now there is! Thank you for catching that.
Nice one Big Grin
i might consider ripping Raphiel or Donatello... ( is that how you spell their names )
-MIGHT- if i have some spare time i most likely willSmile
No need to, vampire! For I've found these on the interwebz! Which means I wasn't the one who ripped them, but they are handy for contribution!


Aaaand Super Shredder!

However, I've not found any sheets of regular enemies nor bosses or minor characters. Very Sad So those are things that could be taken care of.

Stealing sheets from a site which is soon going to be a part of this site isn't generally a clever move.
Fancy explaining yourself?

edit: Alright, I've read your post. Just so you know, you can not submit shit you didn't rip. It's rule #1.
They'll be on tSR soon anyway though, since RGZ is becoming a part of tSR.
Oh, erm, I'm sorry. I didn't mean any harm, it's just that I didn't think it'd be bad since the place where I've found them, there was no tag or anything. They were just... there. At least from the place I picked them up from. And I figured they could be put up in TSR for better online public access. =\

Again, I apologize. I won't do it again.

btw: that wasn't the site I picked them up from. It was much plainer and just had several different sprites listed down in plain HTML-like listing on a white background 'n' stuff. Like Notepad-esque plain. So I figured that place was too obscure to list Turtles sprites and wanted to post them here xD