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Full Version: Deathbringer's Rips Progress Thread
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I'm making this thread so that I can post sheets to get input from everyone and not have to fix a submitted sheet because I forgot something.
Gunstar Super Heroes
Mugs - Still need to tile-rip Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green
[Image: gsh__mugs0.png]
thank you
this game deserves a good rip
Here's Green, the 4th frame is either assembled wrong (I redid it and still got the same result) or is really like that. If someone can get it in-game, than we can see.
[Image: gsh__green.png]

[Image: gsh__yellow.png]
wow, I've never seen those last two mugshots. Nice rip!
yeah, I've never seen the green and yellow ones with them wearing the cloaks.

Is that something that happens when you beat both red and blue's stories?
Maybe it's when you play the game in HARD mode, I dunno.
No idea, like I said, I tile-ripped these, so your guess is as good as mine.

EDIT: It looks like they are seen in Hard Mode.
Well, deathbringer... I played through the game, and yes, those two mugs are used in hard mode. I used the OAM viewer to get the tiles, but as you see in the second image, they overlap themselves. I played with the tiles a bit to get the third image, which I think it's correct.

[Image: greenr.png]
The left piece isn't a single block, it's multiple pieces that overlap at different points. But I figured out how I messed up the right side, I overlapped them wrong. Basically I had the left side right, and you were correct about the right side.

And in case anyone asks, his is darker because he never changed the settings of the game. There is a brightness setting in the options that you can change from dark (which was default) to less dark to bright, the bright is the natural palette in the ROM.
Been a while since I used this....

[Image: smtifpsx__alpha.png]
This is one of those times I wished Psicture could help (that's how I did the other 2 games), but no, I have to find the sprites in-game just to make a savestate and tile rip them later. And these so far are from playing just a quarter of the game. I don't expect much more to be ripped except for possibly Akira's path (last guy in the first row) as he follows an entirely different route, since Charlie only has 1 different world to go to than Yumi and Reiko follows Yumi's path except for the final area.
PSicture is a good tool, but not as complete as it could be.
So far it's looking good.
It's just me or there is a pimp and a dominatrix on that sheet? LoL
Can't say about the pimp as he's only seen in one of the casino rooms, but the other one is a dominatrix (sort of), nothing sexual, but she's a slave driver in the Taidakai (Sloth World aka worst dungeon ever conceived).
[Image: smtifpsx__beta.png]

Here's an updated sheet that includes Yumi, Charlie, and Reiko's scenario, all that's left is Akira and I don't think it'll have much more sprites.
What the...?!
I don't know why but this "pork" and the "duck" are too surreal, even for Megaten tastes. (LoL, bad pun)
Pork = Orcus, you know, like the Orc enemies, since sometimes they are shown as pig-life creatures.

I'm not even going to explain the ducks, mostly because I don't know.
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