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Full Version: Star Ocean 2 (PSX) Couple sheets
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hey. their hip and new Surprise

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[Image: SectionID.png]

[Image: th_ChisatoIcon.png]

Chisato Sheet

[Image: LeonFXIcon.png]

Leon Heraldry FX Sheet

Laters yo. Cool
Excuse me, sir

Where is Ashton?
He's buried somewhere under hundreds of folders and png files somewhere in my sprites folder and/or my psx-vram folder. He's also missing a bunch of poses that I wanna add in before its done. Not to mention the disgusting order its in with tri-Ace slashes mushed all over the damn place.

We wouldn't want that now, would we?
No. Get to work on that.
Haha, looking great!
Awesome job! Big Grin
Sorry If I am being a killjoy but doesn't Chisato have overworld sprites or is that covered in the sheet?