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Full Version: New Colosseum sprites
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Grab em here:

6 new sheets; slight update on the Drac
Nice one!
!eno eciN
Good to see the site back up! Just a new sprite sheet for now.

[Image: BGcolo-Auronicon.png]
Awesome! Big Grin
Glad to see you back
A couple new sheets. (These along with my Auron above is what's left to be posted from me)
Some of the effects may be familiar from TSR here (after mild to moderate editing/formatting), you can delete those if that's a problem.
"Main Character" is the unnamed protagonist in Persona 4, in Colo he's named after his manga name of course Tongue
[Image: BGcolo-Asheicon.png][Image: BGcolo-MCicon.png]