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Full Version: Background Rips from "Slime Morimori Dragon Quest - Shougeki no Shippo Dan"
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I bet your Thinking "WTF Game is that?!" Well... If you've ever heard of "Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime" For the DS, This is it's Prequel for the GBA Released only in Japan... And I've never seen any rips of this, So I started my own...

[Image: Iconr.png]
I can't read Any Japanese at all (And I can't find a patch) So... I dunno the main Slime's name... Hero is my best guess as it only allows 4 letters.

More Backgrounds (And maybe other stuff) Coming soon...
Nice one!
It'd be awesome if you ripped some sprites as well, but this is a good start! Smile
Cuddly Heart
Bringing this Topic back from the dead to show other stuff I ripped from it.

[Image: NokkeWoods1-1.png]
The first part of the first stage in the game. Complete except for one little problem... Pallete. Since the day passes as you progress, the pallete changed to express the time it curently is. Unfortunatly, It changes quite a few times.

[Image: NokkeWoods2-1.png]
The second part of Nokke woods. The pallete is me trying to fix this time problem without ripping it 5 times. However, I got sick of doing it. And thought to myself "How many people are going to change the pallete anyway?"

[Image: RocketRip.png]
Next is as far As I got ripping the main character. I gave up though because there are many frames for each action. Not to mention all the angles. It's like ripping the same thing 5 times... Do't even get me started on the enemies. They are broken apart too much because of their tails.

No icons because none are finished yet. =/