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Full Version: Extracting Images from Xenosaga 2&3 .bin Files (QuickBMS/Noesis plugins))
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To begin, I do know how to rip them with PCSX2, but this requires being at the point in the game where I can see the texture on screen. Most of the textures I want are very late in the game. I no longer have my save files. As much as I love all of the games, replaying isn't in my cards right now.

I have searched pretty thoroughly for many many hours, but cannot for the life of me find the resources I'm looking for. Some of them have been linked to dead pages that are un-archived, some of them have linked to dead forum posts that no longer store the files. Heck, sometimes it's an archived forum where a single page out of many hasn't been archived, and the missing page is what has the info. I have several dozen tabs open, have tried various ps2 image format converters and programs that can interpret tm1/tm2 data in binary files.

I found one person on Steam Workshop who credited QuickBMS for allowing the extraction of a model and texture from Xenosaga 3, but there are no Xenosaga 3 QuickBMS scripts that I can find. They also credited Noesis, but once again, there are no plug-ins for the game. I tried contacting this person (very politely and willing to trade for info) through their commissions page since they are still active, but it's been a week with no answer. I'm pretty close to commissioning someone else to write a script for me, but I'd be so thrilled to just use one that already exists.

I also once found a post regarding extracting from .bin saying, "..since it has the same file format as this," where "this" was clearly a link at some point in the past but no longer exists, and there was no mention of what game may have been linked.

I am aware of what a .bin file is and is not. I know that most of these probably have multiple images, possibly in TIM2 format, together in the hex file. I have used a hex editor to mess around with some of them using guides for other games, but this is a slow process. Especially when I know that someone, somewhere, clearly must have a QuickBMS script and/or a Noesis plug-in.

I'm pretty tech-savvy, and willing to learn how to use just about any tool (as long as it isn't too awfully expensive).

What do I want them for?
For making silly little graphics to put in my silly little journals. I enjoy creating custom layouts for my work planners/journals and I've wanted to make a Xenosaga one for a while. I just really love the games a lot!

Anyway, I hope I was clear enough on what I do and don't know/what I've tried. I promise I do know how to search endlessly - I really hate asking anyone for anything. I'm sure someone is going to comment, "oh my gosh I can't believe you didn't find [this tool]" or "why can't you just Google it yourself?" and that's fine. :') I'm not asking anyone to hold my hand and help me write a script, I just would love links to whatever the other person may have been referencing.

Thank you!