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Full Version: What Went Wrong?
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Hello. So my Sprite work For this custom CD-I Style Sonic was rejected From The Custom/Edited Sonic The Hedgehog section and I Wonder What I Did Wrong. I just need some help to see what i need to do to make it not get rejected. Cool Cool Cool Cool
Hi! Might I suggest reading your rejection message?
(02-27-2024, 01:19 PM)applecuckoo Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! Might I suggest reading your rejection message?

all it said was it did not meet quality standards. It did not say how i could improve it though.
CD-i is known for looking cheap and low effort lol. I'm not sure what standards they were expecting for an imitation of that. I could see those being official sprites for a CD-i Sonic game.
I would start with optimizing the space you used for your sheet. Almost half of the sheet is negative space or an unrelated sonic drawing.

The duck pose is significantly smaller in proportion than the rest of the poses. Why does the skin-tone of the face have an outline but nothing else does?
Izzi nailed it.

This sheet doesn't look anything like a CD-i game. And calling something CD-i-style doesn't mean anything more than calling something "Playstation Style."
Just because a system has bad games doesn't mean the bar for quality is lowered. We accept Somari customs, but those are well made and in the style of the original game. This sheet doesn't meet those standards yet.
Study the sprites of the game you're going for. Maybe sure each frame is consistent with the last. Ask for feedback here and on the Discord. You can always submit again when it's ready.
Thanks For All the Feedback! i will use all of this to improve my spriting and i will keep everyone updated!