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Full Version: [N64] Neon Genesis Evangelion model rips
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I'm in the process of ripping assets from this N64 game. Right now, all Evas and most weapons are complete and rig ready. Some of these are not 1:1 rips, some were stitched together from the "gameplay models" and "cutscene models" (Mass Production Eva having a fully modeled mouth for example) and two weapons that are in NGEs canon, but not in the game are also present; these being the sonic glaive and assault tonfa. Next I plan on tackling the Angels and then some extra stuff like Jet Alone, the D-type suit, vehicles, etc. 


3/10/24 update:
Huge content update including Angels, high poly models and other objects
I've managed to rip All the parts of the higher poly cutscene Evas, the problem is that these are incomplete meshes meant for specific shots. The meshes from Units 00,01,02 and 03. Eventually, I'll get these stitch these with parts from the lower poly models to make complete meshes.

On a sidenote: it cracks me up that THIS SPECIFIC SCENE was modeled, and it's only one of the two scenes that have 3d models of human characters in this game (the other is Rei from the end credits scene)

Updated content, check 1st post
Love to see it!!