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I usually work on lots of stuff. No, really, lots of stuff! Most of my projects end up being cancelled, fortunately I still have their codebases saved in case I feel like continuing them in the future. Even if most of my projects don't get fully completed, I really like how much I learn from them. So, the purpose of this thread is for me to post things about whatever I'm developing at the moment, rather than having separate threads for all of them. Think of this thread kinda like the ones from the Feedback category, but for my games instead of my rips. Any feedback is always really appreciated! I am currently working on some interesting projects, one is a fangame and the other is a game of my own. I will share more info on the latter another time, if it ever ends up being more than a prototype. The fagame one, however, is quite developed, already! I'm also developing some kind of reusable code for me to develop my games faster, kinda like a small game engine. I've also been learning how to use Direct3d, it has been very fun so far.

I am really hoping to share more stuff about my projects here in the future. See y'all soon!  Wink
I've been learning a lot recently. I've written my own software renderers sometimes and while it was a great experience, I'm currently focusing on learning Direct3d. While it's not exactly hard, it can be very time consuming. Shaders are really cool too! I really love how much different effects you can do with them. Optimizing is the hardest part, in my opinion. I've also learned a bit of Xaudio and how to load wav files, thankfully Microsoft has surprisingly great tutorials on their site.

I am also beginning to work on some short hobby game in my spare time, so stay tuned. It is still at a very early stage, though.
I'm impressed. It's amazing to know that from an early age you know how to handle snippets of code and you continue to learn. I would like to see some of your games as a demo and play them. It's also a good idea to create a single thread, as it actually stays organized.

EDIT: No, sorry for my bad English, I didn't mean say to create more threads. I meant that this way is actually the most appropriate, as I think it saves work for staff and yourself Big Grin .
Thank you so much! It means a lot to me! I've been working really hard in a small game, recently. It is still very early in development, so I have nothing to show, but I would love if you could play it when it becomes finished. About separated threads... yeah, I understand, but I don't want to create threads for games I'm not sure if I'm gonna finish them or not.
I've posted this on my channel. Some weird but cool thing has happened while developing this game and now I have to include it in the final game in some shape or form. So, I was testing a palette system for my game. In order to load a texture in this game, we need to:
1-Load the palette map.
2-Load the palette. 
So I was testing the palette map part but the palette loading wasn't implemented yet, so when loading the texture for one of the characters in the game, some colors were very off and I found that amazing. That has happened because I've hardcoded some palette colors for testing in my code while palette loading wasn't implemented. The result was some kind of character you would see in a creepypasta, like some kind of ghost, so I really liked it! Now I have to include this in the final game at least as an easter egg!
Development has been awesome, so far! The only problem I have with it is that it is very slow! I've been using Direct3d11 until this point and I will still use it, but I think I'm gonna use a software renderer for now so this game can come out quicker. I plan on adding hardware accelerated support later in an update. I've also been playing a little with Android development here and there. Sometimes I make small concepts for my friend to test on his phone(he doesn't have a PC). Guess I'm gonna make a quick Android port, send him this little project and see what he thinks of it. =D
When I have something interesting to show I will be sure to share it here.
A little unrelated to the game I'm currently making but I am interesting in homebrewing. It seems fun. I'm currently taking a look at ps1 homebrewing but gba seems fun too. I am little worried about the legality of it, though.
Homebrew software in general are legal, but it all depends on the use you give it.

For example, a self-user use are probably legal.