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Full Version: My song, among other things
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Some time ago, I wrote a song (I also made the instrument set and background image for it. Yeah, I did say I had many hobbies.),

I also provided all source files just in case someone wants those.

I should also mention that I do 3D modeling, and I also do 2D art (including animation), but a large amount of my 2D art can be somewhat HD. The video image is an exception to that. I mean, I made a 2159x2254 GIF animation that's just under 50 megabytes, and I don't know what would happen if the forum tried to display it if I attached it. Same for a 6400x3840 PNG artwork I did.

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I've done other types of tech projects too, such as BWTC32Key.

Let me know if you want to hear about those. I do have significant demands on my time. I need to make a signature lol but I don't have time today. Smile

You can find two examples of my 3D art at and

Hypothetically, and I want to reiterate hypothetically, the first model COULD be considered a "Custom" for any game with a Moai statue (the only such game with a Custom section is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And yes, I *have* desired to mod it in. Any 2D rendering of the front of the model would ALSO fit under a Custom of the "DOH" model from Arkanoid) Also, the second model COULD be considered a "Custom" for any game with an Eiffel Tower model (the only such game with a Custom section would be Splatoon 3, and yes, I *also* have desired to mod it in.)

I've also done other artworks that would fit under some sort of Custom. Now, ALL of these would go by the same rationale that Virtual Boy R.O.B. has gone under. Secondly, neither model is textured. In my experiments in importing the models into certain engines (Source 1), I've found that a golden texture works best visually, and model 1 with a gold texture is absolutely elegant. While there IS gilding happening to the Eiffel Tower in celebration of the Paris 2024 Olympics, and while Big Ben just got re-gilded, and the London Monument to the Great Fire has gilding up top, I feel like if the entire model were a gold texture, the statue would probably have a higher chance of being accepted than the tower. But remember, in 2D it's a DOH Arkanoid custom, and in 3D it's an ACNH furniture custom. In the way that Virtual Boy R.O.B. is. Or maybe I'm thinking about this too much. Anyways, I'm an artist, just as much as I do other tech stuff. I just find 3D to be a more versatile medium. Now whether I could even submit the models in the first place given their textureless nature (even with gold texture), whether the render would be too big in the statue case (I have one I can safely shrink, but...), or whether or not the first model being based on CC-BY 4.0 content (creator approved), and the second being based on CC-BY4+CC-BY-SA4 content (creator approved too) would fly. Mind you, the models are completely different than their inputs. And they end up being the Virtual Boy R.O.B. situations of landmark models that ARE in games on the site that DO have Custom sections. I just don't know how this would all work out, among other things.

Basically, I make all sorts of stuff. Stuff that potentially has a place here, as convoluted as it is. Oh and for the record, I've used this site as a non-member for the past decade. I pour my time into all sorts of things honestly. Creativity and retro is one of them. And I enjoy contributing to the sectors of tech I contribute too. I pour all of my life into technology and everything about it. Also, I enjoy helping people.

Hopefully everything goes well, and hopefully people like what I do. It's all a hobby. If it has a place here, then so be it. Enjoy!