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Full Version: Parallel Nightmare's Tornado (Super Kirby Clash)
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Okay, so I have been scratching my head at this for over an hour and I still can't make any sense of it.
This is Parallel Nightmare from Super Kirby Clash. I've been trying to set up his materials for a while now. See how his lower body is a tornado? That's the part that is eating at me.
This seems to be the only texture even correlated with the material. The name of the texture claims to be some sort of mask. I can't work out what the point of the RGB channels is or how they are mixed.
These are the isolated color channels.
and this is the UV map.
The red channel seems to be air sweeping across the surface, the green is some sort of noise, and the blue is a ramp of some sort. Another thing to note is that the model has vertex coloring and vertex alpha.

Can anyone help me out with this? I can provide extra information if needed.