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Full Version: My Sonic Robo Blast 2 Project Ideas:
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Sonic Robo Daytona 2:
MAP01 Greenie Greedy Zone 1
MAP02 Greenie Greedy Zone 2
MAP03 Greenie Greedy Zone 3
MAP04 Ahenyue Avante Zone 1
MAP05 Ahenyue Avante Zone 2

Sonic Daytona Blast 2:
MAP01 Deserty Dunes Zone 1
MAP02 Deserty Dunes Zone 2
MAP03 Deserty Dunes Zone 3
MAP04 Criscophonia Zone 1
MAP05 Criscophonia Zone 2

Daytona Robo Blast 2:
MAP01 Goombling Gardens Zone 1
MAP02 Goombling Gardens Zone 2
MAP03 Goombling Gardens Zone 3
MAP04 Pitt and Pitt Zone 1
MAP05 Pitt and Pitt Zone 2

I will create my SRB2 project with collaboration...
My SRB2 version is v2.0.7, I will plan more than 30 maps each projects...