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Full Version: Hi hi
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Posting my intro here!! Hi everyone, I'm mostly interested in uploading models and sounds but maybe other things if I ever get around to them! May be slow with uploading things even if you see me discussing projects because I'm busy most of the time. I like doing this stuff partly as a way to procrastinate lmao but also cuz it helps me learn a bit about 3d modelling (and if I ever get around to it, I do plan on using some models for my own renders).

Current projects are ripping Evil Dead: The Game models and ripping ALL Space Channel 5 Part 2 Voice lines (I've gotten a good chunk done but I kind of forget to work on it lol). I would also like to rip Bayonetta 3 models but that's console based stuff so I really have no idea where to start...

I know there's a discord but big ones are too fast paced for me so I'll probably just hang around here Big Grin