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Full Version: Fixing hair in Blender (Model from UE)
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I've been having some issues with getting the hair textured properly with some models I've ripped from Evil Dead: The Game (Unreal Engine game, models ripped with UE Viewer). I've managed to get the clothes and skin textures and normal maps hooked up (there are some other texture maps I don't know the use for, but that's probably for another thread), but hair is a no go. I don't have much experience in blender so it's probably just my inexperience causing the issue but any help would be appreciated!
This is what the hair currently looks like.

This is the current node setup (pretty sure it's wrong but I was just messing around to see what worked).

These are the texture maps I'm using - they're the only texture maps labelled hair and that seem to have anything to do with hair. I don't recognise what any of them do though (I know what a texture and a normal map look like but nothing else lol) so I'm just putting things in randomly until it looks like it somewhat works.

Any help on fixing this would be great! The other models seem to be set up the same way so if I get this working I'll be able to work on the rest of the characters too Big Grin

Edit: you can click on the photos to make them larger btw