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Full Version: Game devs used JPG, what to do?
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Quote:This submission has been flagged for the following potential issue:
  • 35 files used unexpected extension (jpg)
    Expected: png, gif, svg, txt
This message is what I get for my Insaniquarium Deluxe archive, but these images are what the devs used and resaving them won't get rid of the (heavy) artefacts. Should I do it anyway or is it okay to submit them like they are?

Btw, the archive has 425 files, 390 are GIF, 35 are JPG.
If that's just the way they are in the game, then there shouldn't be any issues with keeping those as JPGs. Just be sure to leave a message regarding that in the submission's staff notes so that we know they weren't accidentally saved in that format.
Yeah, I made a note regarding this.