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Full Version: DK64 characters, DKC style
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Some designs for the 3 new DK64 characters, but in a more DKC style.

[Image: 59pBEDV.png]
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Download Link:!AlHt2gs7GQWLjug37xj2TcCZAEqsxw
These models got rejected, because I guess I didn't fully understand the criteria. I wasn't aware that custom models still had to be primarily based on some form of official media. I understood the rule of "no fan characters" but this was rejected for being a "fan design". Fair enough. I've seen "X in Y style" models on the site before, so I thought I was ok, but I think I understand the distinction now.

DK64 Custom Model Edits
Some minor tweaks to the new DK64 characters, to make them a bit more distinct, and closer to simpler DKC style.
If you have any issues loading a model, there's a wonderful program called Noesis that can convert to/from tons of different formats.
Sometimes even just converting from the same format (OBJ to OBJ, for example) can fix issues with a model file.
> Noesis:

Note: There are a few "Alpha" materials in this model, and transparency may need to be configured manually for your specific 3D software.

Model Design Changes
The changes I made generally follow these themes:
- The three new characters (Lanky, Chunky, Tiny) all have a blue-and-white color scheme. In my edits, these colors are replaced with their in-game color theme (blue, green, and purple, respectively)
- Clothing is simplified to be more in line with DKC era designs (Kongs limited to generally 1 or 2 clothing items (or as few as possible))
- Fur colors tweaked to make each kong more distinct from the other brown-fur apes (Chunky has a blacker fur, Tiny has blonder fur.)
- Redoing any UVs to match the new texture edits.

Lanky Kong Changes
- Removed white shirt under his overalls.
- Changed patch on pants to be more blue-themed.

- Changed overalls color to be more baby-blue.
Tiny Kong Changes
- Lighter blonder fur, to make her appear more distinct from Diddy and Dixie.
- Overalls changed to purple to match her in-game color.
- White shirt removed to simplify design.
- Hat colors changed to more purple-ish colors.
- Hair made a bit more of a golden-blonde color.

Chunky Kong Changes
- Vest and hat made green colors to match his in-game color.
- Checker pattern on back turned green and lower contrast to be less distracting.
- Removed white shirt for simpler design.
- Darker blacker fur to make him more distinct from Donkey and Funky.
- Slightly darker skin.

- The original DK64 team for the awesome game and character models.
- lemurboy12 for ripping the following models:
- - Chunky Kong -
- - Lanky Kong -
- - Tiny Kong -
- JamesO2 for these new texture color designs, and UV edits.

I don't know much about N64 or DK64 hacking, but if anyone knows of a way to re-insert these modified models back into the DK64 ROM, please feel free to do so. Just let me know if you do, because I'd love to see it.

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