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Full Version: RatchetMario's Creativity Thread
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Hello people! 

I hope that some people still remembering me. (Nobly ripping 3D models out of video games on other thread) I'm thinking about expand my art creativity wise here. So, I'm just come back to active on this site again where I was used to. (Its almost 10 years wtf)

Currently I'm 3D Artist / Concept Art for game stuff. I've been mostly a self-taught myself for the years to gain experiences. I've got myself into game industry since early 2020, and its Indie related for now.  
I've been using Artstation [Link] platform to present portfolio wise. (And I picking a few what I want to up there) Right now I was active more on Twitter to post much of fanarts. However I'm thinking to done some personal works too. And I still hope that I will pull off more someday.

Anyway, I've my recent (much proud) that I posted ones in Twitter....