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Full Version: Why nobody are talking with me from my latest posts?
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Please don't ignore me!, I know you're angry with me, because, I was broke the rules of replying in the past psots that have already been in place for more than 3 months and / or 1 year. And I received more warnings and I was going to have my ban risk...... Please don' me me crying again  Cry
Based on your recent posts, you're asking for models and stuff. Asking how it would be ripped without uploading a sample file.
Going to split this in two, firstly about your posts. Looking at most of your posts, they are for requests or help.

The thing is that requests are less desired. If you request all the time, you will get ignored. The odd request now and again is okay though. As for help, the game might be just a bit too obscure for someone to have a look or they don't know how. It's not the case of ignoring you, I would even go as far as saying that only about 10% of all requests on this forum at most have been replied or completed. For the more common games that you have mentioned, instead of asking does this file work with this tool? Try it. You might be surprised. If it doesn't work, try something else. Ripping is a case of trial and error. Model ripping is also harder and takes more time.

This is going to sound harsh but the things that you want doing, at least try to do it yourself. First do your research and read, let the info sink in. Then try to do the rip of what you want. The rip could take weeks, it could take months or even years but you will feel more rewarded. If it doesn't go your way (and trust me it happens a lot), then stop. Move onto something else or take a break. You will make mistakes but over time, they get less and less. I still make mistakes ripping sometimes...

Looking around and you did a rip. That's great but how come you haven't submitted to The Sounds Resource? Was it rejected or haven't gone around to it?

Another thing is that forums aren't really active, you might have better luck at a Discord server or something.

Secondly is your personality. I'm not angry with you (as I personally don't know you) and decided to reply just to show that I'm not ignoring you. Acting annoying though will only get your closer to that ban. May sound like an old man saying this, not just yourself but for many people out there. Just be patient. Wait.

Why you are getting these warnings is because of impatience. Just leave it alone and start afresh. If you're getting upset over your status here, maybe it is telling you to just relax. You can still turn around to prevent yourself getting banned. There have been members who nearly (or even got banned) in their early days and worked their way up.

The problem is that we all expect something to be done NOW but it isn't like that... Things take time. Something that many of the current generation don't understand because of instant gratification.