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Full Version: Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Remake
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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards Remake - First Post 

For the past six months I've been working on completely remaking a 3D version of Yugioh The Sacred Cards from the ground up. As of now I've finished the entirety of the game's locations and I'll now be moving on to the Card Mechanics.

Here's a couple of dev log's/showcases of the game's progress so far, I'll also be regularly posting updates both on my You Tube channel along with this forum thread so be sure to check back often to see how the game develops. Lastly, all constructive feedback/thoughts are welcome, thanks for reading!  Big Grin

Pier Showcase -

Clock Tower Showcase -
Stadium Site Remake

I've just finished up the Stadium Site's music and so here's the final result of the whole area. After finishing up the music for Kiaba Island, I'll be doing the July dev log along with starting the card mechanics. 

As always thanks for reading! Big Grin
July Dev Log

I've finally finished work on all of the aesthetics for the game and so now I'll be looking at recreating the card mechanics. The biggest decision to make now is whether to use the CCG Toolkit (a UE4 framework for making card games) or to remake the mechanics from scratch, more on this explained in the video. Big Grin 

August Dev Log

Here's the long overdue August Dev Log. I managed to complete the attack segment of the battle system along with getting the trunk up and running. The biggest challenge was fulfilling all of the possible conditions between player/AI's attacking cards. This meant adding in checks whenever there was an attack being made and whether the attacking card was lower, higher or equal to the opponent's monster (and vice versa). Below is the Dev Log which goes into more detail, as always thanks for reading and feedback is welcome. Big Grin

Yugioh SC Remake is Back!

Hi everyone, the Sacred Cards Remake has returned. Since my university has finished for the year, I've managed to get much more time to continue work on the game. Here's a sneak peak at the progress made since the last update along with an explanation video of where I'm looking to take the game from here. Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next update.
Explanation - 
Update Showcase -
I think this is a working version of Sacred Cards Remake.