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Full Version: Altered Beast Fan Game New!
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Hi guys, I'm going to present my new Fan Game project, I've created two previous versions of this game but unfortunately the first one that my HD burned and I lost the project and the second one I finished a year ago, and I'm releasing a new version of the Altered Beast game Fan Game, in this version, unlike the previous ones, it will have new ways to play, new levels, Masters, enemies, missions, new ways to play, every page of the game to follow updates, progress NewGround etc. Fan page

Altered Beast Fan Game - Wolf Specials
Added specials for Dragons

Added specials for Bears
Altered Beast Fan Game - Tiger Specials
Altered Beast Fan Game - Level1 (Game 20% developed)
Guys, the videos I record of this game are slow because my computer is weak and doesn't support recording the games, but the game is super light and runs at 60fps normally

Light 1,2,3 Finished

check the game progress in the images below
I'm developing the "Changed Mode" Level 1 is 100% developed, the "NORMAL MODE" version is already available to play and test
Altered Beast Fan Game - Changed Mode (Level3 and Level 4 100% developed)

The "Changed Mode" is 100% developed, the next mode to be developed will be the "Epic Battle" The sorcerer Neff has fled to the alternate world. Find him and eliminate him, embark on this journey and face all the bosses in the game in a row, in an alternate world.
I'm developing the "VS Mode" 90% developed, in this mode you can duel against the controller 2 character or duel with the CPU, if the time reaches 0 you will have an unprecedented and challenging surprise that I will show in the next video.
next Sunday BR 05/09/2021, US 05/09/2021 I will close the development which will be 100% developed and ready to download at this link
will be available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Online browser, Android, IOS, Arcade
hi friends , the version of Altered Beast Fan Game 2021 is now available to play on multiple platforms come download and play in early access, Play and Dwonload