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Full Version: How should I organize Fire Emblem Awakening models
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I managed to rip characters like Lucina, Chrom, and the Male/Female Robin (default body type) from Awakening and I was wondering how I'd organize them to upload here. The Fire Emblem Awakening Character models are split into three parts: the head, hair, and body. I can't really figure out how to combine the three while keeping the armature and weighting. Should I upload each as a separate model? Or should I just upload them in one model but not connected? Also, the default body type for Male/Female Robin have five different faces types (as textures) and hair, so should I include those as well?
Here's how I'd do it. The "Chrom" submission would contain four models: head, hair, body, and "precomposited" (an edited combination of all of them). The idea is that downloaders could choose whether they want the quick-and-easy full model or the more-accurate-but-more-work-on-their-end individual ones. For Robin you'd probably only have the full model be the all-defaults version, and include all the available bits on the side. (I did similar for the Xenoblade 1 characters, though they have alt costumes so they were split across many submissions.)
Thank you.

Another question, when I imported the head and hair, they were actually imported into the center of the space instead of where they should be on the body, so when I joined the two armatures and then connected the head+hair to the respective bone on the armature for the body, I had to move the head+hair up so their armature would line up with the armature on the body. But when I export it and import it back, the head and hair are moved back down to their original position. This is on Blender btw.

Here I attached the body, hair, and head models for Robin, and also the precomposited version I exported which was having the problems.