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So lately I've been really getting back into making sprites and pixel art. I've been posting stuff in the community thread, but I figure I'm working enough again to feel comfortable starting a new thread. So, without further ado...

[Image: TdRoe2d.png]
Kraid here is probably my most ambitious project. Currently on hiatus.

[Image: ad7QGa2.png]
The Big Brain herself! I have some pulsating animation for her laying around somewhere...

[Image: ZAGPtnx.png][Image: d22ZJco.png][Image: hO74qnd.png]
I've shared my Metroid tileset project in the community thread. Also featuring: NES Zebesians.
My Metroid stuff is on hold for right now. Started something new.

[Image: bdf8muz.png]
It started out as trying to make a Castlevania styled Link. Then it kind of evolved into...
[Image: FPtqqiq.png]
...Remaking Zelda 2 enemies in general (also featuring my take on Gohma).
Always open to comments and criticism. Stay tuned for updates!
Lovely work! Nice to see some seriously well-crafted Metroid and Zelda II sprites. Smile What a pleasure to see these all in one area.
[Image: DgIfaEn.png]

Envisioning Gohma's boss fight, I think she'd mostly behave like a giant Tektite combined with a Deeler.
She'd hop around the room, trying to crush Link, or jumping into the ceiling and dropping down on a web, swiping with her legs.
She would only be vulnerable when her eye is open, and it may or may not fire some kind of attack, or constantly fire an attack when it does.

I wanted to give her eight legs, but even six was proving too cluttered for a sprite this size, so I settled for four.
[Image: oLJzEoq.png]
Digdogger was always one of the weirder bosses to me. I thought I'd reimagine it a bit.
Here it flies around, immune to damage while still covered in spikes, which it can fire as an attack. It's true form is just a hovering eye that surrounds itself with a swarm of small urchin creatures that form the larger mass. It sheds it's defensive spikes when agitated by something like a loud noise, or maybe when it takes a heavy hit. Divides into smaller forms as it takes damage, until eventually all that's left is the eye, which panics and runs from Link until more urchins come to defend it.

I'm pleased with the "medium" Digdogger, but not so much with the Big Digdogger.
Wow, some of this really reminds me of Smithy's work. Nice job! Love that Kraid.
(06-02-2021, 10:31 AM)Ton Wrote: [ -> ]Wow, some of this really reminds me of Smithy's work. Nice job! Love that Kraid.

Thank you! I've worked hard on that Kraid. Hopefully I eventually complete him, instead of leaving him to waste away like I have with so many other works...

[Image: WSW6nWy.png]
In Zelda II, the Wizard was the stand-in enemy for the Wizzrobe. For obvious reasons, I decided to use a Wizzrobe design based on the NES Wizzrobes - but I still found a place for the face completely covered design, replacing the cross over their faces with an approximation of the Sheikah Eye symbol.
[Image: 4HcJ8LD.png]
Decided to start hammering out animations. Also, very happy with the Daira sprite.
[Image: I9Q2q5X.png]
Made two different sets of animations for the Moblin.
One stabs with the spear, the other throws the spear.
[Image: wIBy6Fx.png]
I return with an NES Phantoon. Trying to figure out detailing his head.
Your Phantoom is better than mine. XD
[Image: YM7tFj2.png]
Workin' on a Dark Samus.
Sweet! Looking great
[Image: xLqlZv1.png]
Tried some dithering to detail his head. How's it look?
I feel like I should incorporate his stripes into it to complete the look.
Also featuring: a different color scheme.
Wait while I go pick up my jaw.
[Image: 4jD2gbQ.png]

Alright, I think I just need to give his tentacles some animation and NES Phantoon will be complete.
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