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Full Version: .jpg found on Newgrounds version of Friday Night Funkin'
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I found an image in the GitHub files for Friday Nght Funkin, and I'm pretty sure they can be seen on the Newgrounds version of Friday Night Funkin. So I tried to submit them but they were rejected and I was told that it "wasn't in the game or appeared to be fan art". I think it was called "skin-funkin-cardboardtoast.jpg", so I want to know if I should try submitting it again or if I should just look for a different file to try and submit.

(also i did already convert it to .png)
Can you post the image? And what's the file address of the image in question?
DogToon64 Wrote:Can you post the image? And what's the file address of the image in question?

Here's an embed link
I took a look at the files in the GitHub source, and I did find it in there.

I'm not sure if it's in the Newgrounds version right now. Unfortunately, Friday Night Funkin' is temporarily disabled right now, so I won't be able to look in it's files at the moment.
BUT, if you want to re-submit the image, you might want to show the staff member who rejected your submission, through PM, the image on GitHub before you re-submit it.
Like I said to you in the rejection PM, this is not a valid rip from the game. It's just a website background (as you can see on the author's ArtStation page: ), even in the very same GitHub page you're talking about it's in a separate "docs" folder instead of being grouped with the rest of the game's assets.
I found one in the game's source code and it is now on the the fnf page