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Full Version: Sage Sprite topic 2021
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Hello! I'm here to share my sprites and get feedback, as I'm preparing to conceptualize what hopes to be a new fighting game! I had an old thread, but that threads' almost 4 years old, so I'm just making a new one instead!

With out further ado, the six base roster characters!

[Image: gF69SjW.png]

The bios of each from left to right:
[Image: Cirb0In.png]
Haizea- The main character. Age 14. A young girl traveling the lands to find her missing Godmother. She uses a special kind of plasma in her attacks that functions like wind but sightly blunter. A rushdown style character that focuses primarily on guard pressure.

[Image: 2CLbaI8.png]
Wyatt- Age 17. The eldest son of the most wealthy and power family in the nation. He has abandon his role as inheritor of the fortune as an act of rebellion. Now he fights in a well known gang. His special attacks use lightning. The "Ky/Ryu" of the game.

[Image: dqOWsu1.png]
Flay- Age 20. A rogue gang member of a prominent gang who has climbed the ranks and now assists the gang master. Uses fire in his moves. The "Sol/Ken" of the game.

[Image: mPnNeHy.png]
Tanner- Age 16. A teenage boy who was forced in the ranks of the overwhelming gang in order to protect his sick older sister. Has the power of sand. A hard to play mixup style character.

[Image: 915QZXo.png]
Roderick- Age 34. A gladiator(not the lethal kind, but more like a wrestler) that has come to the city to find a worthy protege. Hardens his body in most of his moves using lustrous stone. The poster grappler.

[Image: G3Wq6gq.png]
Veronica- Age unknown. A mysterious vixen that watches over various crimes happening in the first set city of the story. She uses poison barbed stones in her attacks. A tricky character that forces her opponent to take risks.

Also for fun:
[Image: InURW0o.png]

Any feedback is appreciated! I can also take requests! ^^
Those are rad, but I would consider added a little more bit contrast between the color shades to help it pop more, especially the outline colors.

I'll see what I can do.
[Image: B2y86lL.png]

I just got rid of the black outlining on the side. It definitely improved the sprites! I think it's good now, but I'm still gonna experiment with the colors some more!
[Image: b5e70a8bb052907acaefb9eb58421246.png]

Here's an example of what I was talking about. Just did a lil eye tracing and used a different palette. I kinda did my own proportions as the skull looks too large due to the back of the hair going a little too far out. But the main thing is I wanted to try and make the outlines pop, and use different shades of the of shading on outlines to help make stuff like the muscles pop out. I didn't spend super long on this, so it's totally cool if ignore it, but you've been the first person to be receptive to advice and I wanted to help!
Ahhhh now I see! I really appreciate taking the time to edit to give an example. Gonna use this a ref, if that's okay!
(03-27-2021, 09:08 AM)SageHarpuiaJDJ Wrote: [ -> ]Ahhhh now I see! I really appreciate taking the time to edit to give an example. Gonna use this a ref, if that's okay!

Hell yeah! That's why I did. I'm glad you want too!
[Image: EQtrHnO.png]

A few rough edits to make the style better proportion wise.