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Full Version: Izzi's Thread
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Hello Friends! So I used to be a really active in the spiriting scene as Silver/SilverBolt/SilverDaBolt. I ripped a lot of Disney Afternoon NES/SNES games and did Mario customs. One of my more... prolific? Iunno what to call it, but I made a full bodied SNES Bowser (ya know, outside of the clown copter) sprite sheet that got used a few times in pixel-animation videos. Once Mario Maker came out, I like many were bummed to see that they completely redid Bowser and he no longer resembled his weird green skin design that I think most of us loving remember.  I personally think the Mario Maker sprite is just out-right charmless even if it's accurate to modern designs.

Ton was showing me his redo's of his old Super Mario PRG enemies project and after collaborating with him I got the itch to revisit some of my old sprites and here is an updated version of my Bowser. 

[Image: 86ef8ad614e55e59ab1eb85109e09a7c66f00567.png]

The new sprite had a pretty big response on Twitter, and then I started toying with giving him at least enough poses that he could mimic SMB3's version of the character.

[Image: 56422ed32a778eae5dab9e797adf4e8cd9e1f435.gifv]
(I think this gif might be a lil outdated?)
[Image: 07a616e9b276dc56440bc130c78bdce7aad67d4e.png]

Naturally I also had to update Princess Peach, using the GBA's variant but limiting it's palette making a in-between the awkward SNES sprite and the more refined GBA. I made Peach so I could make a base to do a Bowsette based off the concept art from odyssey. I thought swapping out Peach's palette with Bowser's would look really cool. I swapped the almost useless mint green-white with Peach's skin tone. Honestly really happy with that. I also added Daisy and Rosalina. And thus my little SMW project kind of of snowball out of control. 

[Image: 54cae0a1c8591b6b0bb76dbd27f04958743c4762.png]

So then I made other bosses. I wanted to do Wart because he always needs some love! The first sprite is official, second was my "better" version but I realize how ugly it is, and finally the third is my newest one. I reused Bowser's palette.

Bowser Jr I once again repeated the same palette, and tried to make mine an harmonious mish mash of Yoshi's Island's Baby Bowser and the Mario Maker ones. I still think it needs some kinks worked out.

Wario I tried to make what I feel like he would look like as both an playable character and a boss battle. Also threw in some Captain Syrup, cause again enemies besides Bowser always deserve some love. Wario it took me three tries to get something I really liked for his playable variant. Also I tried to make Boss Wario look like those early 2000's commercials where he had crazy eyes. 

Then I thought it would be cool to recreate Donkey Kong (arcade, though more inspired by the Gameboy re-make) in SMW. My First attempt with Donkey was trash, the second time really captured that cartoony Donkey Kong energy.

[Image: a9f0d91aae504d5df35a07e360c845812820ec3f.png]


[Image: 9c3120e46d5a32c06e7c369ca10fde2f4226b34d.gifv]

My goal with this sheet is to combine Super Mario Land 1 and 2 ship into a two phase fight. First the SML1 ship, but then pieces blow off and it resembles the second game's ship. Also I changed his bubble into a gachapon ball because it's cute. Also decided to combine Tatanga's outfit into as mix mash of art and sprites. He has a black sleeveless outfit and will have white boots. Also made the Sky Pop.

[Image: 18e99d01d80998178b673f266bbc3f202fb4d1a5.png]
[Image: c042dc7710333ecc99fbd3950dd9c24bbeaea380.png]

Now is the point of no-return. I was sick a few weeks back and doodled some hybrid 2D artwork Mario characters but dressed or resembling Mario movie versions. Giving Bowser a general outfit with that iconic Hopper hair, putting Galoomba/Goomba faces on a giant coat. Once I posted these on Twitter this project really blew up so the last few days I've been making most iconic characters or items from the Mario Movie in SMW style.

My more controversial decision was to make Iggy and Spike koopaling-like characters when adapting them. Since they were a duo in the movie I thought making it a twin-battle boss fight would be really fun. I didn't give them arms in their main poses cause I though their necklaces were more important to recognizing the characters. Bertha gave me some trouble because I felt really uncomfortable with giving a fish that's supposed to resemble a black woman from the film big giant lips, and white like the original enemy didn't look right. Compromised with orange and honestly the sprite pops a lot more.

[Image: d95d0d2062edfa95c608ab9da1d160fad05dbb97.png]
[Image: fa3ffb57cb60b35e1d20c5f1a1f481713ba5ef2e.gifv][Image: 0879e539f1c0e6dae9bc4ad65667e6b86efc8530.gifv]
Daisy was an easy enough edit of my Peach edit, King Toadstool is a based off the SMB3 King's but with more SMW vibe (same with his thrown) and Toad was edited off Mario Maker's little toad and I thought it would be cute if he ran around with a guitar on his back. 

[Image: 3152bcf7c3a2814755468be718bc6b22735623e8.gifv]

People immediately wanted a realistic raptor Yoshi, which fundamentally kind of goes against my original reasons going for the Mario Movie project, but I caved to the people desires. My rules were I didn't want him to be any bigger than the Yoshi's box from the Mario Maker sheets ripped by Random Talking Bush, and I had to use Yoshi's palette from SMW. I don't know if Mario would look right riding him, but this was just a lot of fun remaking Yoshi's Sheet that I don't care. I ended up really liking this guy.

[Image: ed117fe467202398e738f5dfa6542c6cda65d05f.png]
[Image: cc8753ea8af745222767f2112eb87d16598b6543.gifv]
[Image: 527a55a33eac17f396487f4f4576a0bde185e735.gifv][Image: 14b6acb662307d42a967e4a4afcc540661aed396.gifv]

Whew that was a lot for a first post. I hope you guys enjoy my little big project and I'm excited to have dedicated place to post updates that isn't Ton's DMs.

Also made me a little Koopalingsona

[Image: 0bc77238f1c2e7d5f175def56887774660bc8baa.gifv]
I really like what I see here. Keep up the good work!
You can still use my DMs if you want though. ;.;
I haven't finished a sprite sheet in forever.

[Image: 4eb9d1b31477ed763f4aecfac27273517be20647.png]
This morning I did an overall on the Super scope design. I want the Super Scope to turn Mario into a monkey/ape temporarily. I looked at Ukiki (Yoshi's Island) and DK JR (Mario Kart) as inspiration. I also tested using the DK JR Palette on my DK sprite and I think I really dig the red fur, plus the red fur doubling as a tie color freed up another color for the skin details. So that's rad.

[Image: bf856565f2f04b985405c881128b0b046b0a96ed.png]
Not Super Mario World, but I made some SMB3 Peach sprites.

[Image: ba6c9a0f99c0f424f3d9782ebdeadf54acd62bb0.gifv][Image: d6c37abc6ec1e9a8aab95a81e7fab4aaf87cc453.gifv]
[Image: 62cde15afb945b9d70bb16a5003aa6ae8ef8f2ce.png]

Mario Movie bros.
[Image: f8dacb57e694e7957ff7dcaf1493eb99aecf4320.gifv]

Working on a little movie mario project, thought'd I share.
I did not realize that you were SilverBolt until now.

Well I feel a wee bit dumb on my end.
These are fantastic! I really appreciate how your take on the SMW sprites gives them a unified style, since the existing game is pretty inconsistent.

Going by the animation, I presume your movie Mario project is Metroid-adjacent?