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Full Version: Vini310's sprites showcase and feedback
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I'm Vini310, a game developer who's been interested in spriting for some time, not that I'm interested in using those sprites in my actual games, at least for now.

Up to now, I've only made a few sprites, all of which were very simple (a shirt, a slime and some Game Boy-style things), but in December 2020 I decided to do something more... "complex", and the final result was (I tried to post the picture here, but it always appears corrupted)

I posted this sprite on multiple sites, but haven't got any sort of feedback from any of them, so I realized the VG Resource would be the best place to improve my abilities, especially since this mermaid sprite was particularly difficult to make> the arms, the tail, and the breasts (the last of which I had to remove from the sprite because I couldn't make it appealing).

"Why did you created an entire thread if you only have one sprite to show?"
Because I plan on making (and showing) more as time goes on, and it's more convenient to make a thread...

Also, please do not post my sprites on The Spriters Resource, Sprite Database or any other of these sites, they aren't for use, for now. You CAN modify them, though, AS LONG AS YOU SHOW ME FIRST.
I wonder why she looks all blocky. Is she meant to be from Minecraft?
(02-24-2021, 01:42 AM)SmithyGCN Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder why she looks all blocky. Is she meant to be from Minecraft?

The program I used to make this sprite (Pixel Studio for pixel art) is divided in squares, and because I chose to make a big sprite (32 x 32 I think), there was a ton of space, and since I wanted to use most of the space, some things were stretched, it's why the head is so big and blocky.
The rest of the body is this wat because I couldn't think of another way of drawing them, and the arms are the worst part: I had no idea on how to draw those, every time I tried, it looked off, so I had to go for a blocky style.
All right, understood. Was just curious.
You might want to use a program like Graphicsgale (IT'S FREE!) to help make non-blocky sprites if that's what you're looking for.
The sprite you made isn't bad, I'm just trying to be helpful. Big Grin
On the other hand, I think this has less to do with the tools Vini is using and more so the approach.

If you're looking to go for a less blocky approach I think the best thing you can do is to rough your artwork out then clean it up. There should be videos of animators and illustrators alike who do this very process that you can look into.

Understanding anatomy also helps. Loomis, Peck, and Hogarth would be artists that you want to look into for that as well.

While the tools help in being able to make the art, it also depends on the methods that are used to make the art too, and I think that's where Vini is having more trouble in that regard because he could get either graphics gale and aseprite and still have similar results.
Sorry for the huge delay in updates, I was trying to fix a problem, so let's recap:
After spriting that Mermaid, I wans't happy with the final result, so I decided to make some templates for the sake of consistency.
Right now, I have two templates, but I've only shared one online, so let's focus on it instead:

The "GB-style template":

And all the four sprites I made using it:

So, what do you think about these sprites?

And if you're curious about the other template, it's a more "GBA/DS-esque" style, but I'll post it later.