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Full Version: Content Creator, reporting for duty!
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Hello hello peoples of the Vg resource! I am TheFirstDecade, content creator of art, animation, and if i have the time, resource ripping! I have been using this site for quite a long time for getting sounds, sprites, models, and other such things and stuff from games to help me aid in my creation! I've got two big things coming up for the Sounds Resource, so they best look out for that when i decide to drop them once i figure things out around here.

Those two big things i mention? An seemingly COMPLETE rip of C&C Generals and it's expansion's sound files! (possibly, i can't tell since i can't have a good attention span) as well as an almost complete rip of C&C Red alert 2's! I noticed the chronic lack of C&C content on these sites, and i am more than happy to help contribute to archiving these for future people to use for their project and such, i gotta dump this stuff out of my Hard drive anyhow!

Anyhow, if someone can walk me through how to unbag my luggage, i'll be happy to submit to my audio-rips straight from the soundbanks of these classic RTS games! Theres also plenty of unused soundfiles here, so if anybody works for TCRF, do comb through these audio-files once i have them up and send them there. I ripped these sounds for preservation purposes anyhow, so others can have these files at the ready without having to mess about with the actual archive files they are contained in. Big Grin